My Ashwagandha Journey – Portland Ashwagandha Farm – Tincture Review

Ashwagandha – Sanskrit for “Smell of the horse.”

Photo Credit: Portland Ashwagandha Farm

She is called as such because of her unique smell and her ability to increase strength. While her name may not sound so endearing, she is one of Ayurveda’s most important herbs and offers all good things. She has been used for more than 3,000 for her many healing properties.

The Benefits of Ashwagandha include:

– Reduced stress and anxiety

– Reduced inflammation

– Reduced blood sugar levels

– Potential anti-cancer properties

– Reduced of cortisol levels

– Reduced cholesterol and triglycerides to improve heart health

The Dosage

I take half a syringe (one squeeze) before bed. Under the tongue. Let it marinate and absorb before swallowing.

If you so choose, you can take half a dose in the AM and repeat in the PM.

The Taste

She ain’t half bad. There’s a slight sharpness to her as she hits the bottom of the mouth, but it’s not acidic or overly offensive. She tastes herby and earthy. Think: Hippie in a Bottle.

    Photo credit: Portland Ashwagandha Farm

The Effects (according to me)

First, let me tell you I am a single mama to 3 kiddos and an entrepreneur. I (like so many of us) am continually searching for balance and serenity. As I navigate homeschooling, working from home, and merely trying to feel normalcy in this wild year of 2020, the quest for natural and effective stress management has been my top priority.

Almost immediately upon my first dosage of the Portland Ashwagandha Farm tincture, I could feel a sense of relief and relaxation. It does NOT make you high or disconnected. In fact, just the opposite. I find myself grounded, in tune, and in flow.

As a bedtime ritual, this is a must for me. It noticeably reduces the thought racing that frequently plagues the mind after an eventful day. The tincture provides focus, and concentration, and is quite powerful. I’ve found myself inspired to journal and write before sleep – which I usually never do. My rest is much more RESTful, and I do not wake groggy (as I do with melatonin). I also noticed a subtle calming, relaxed feeling even in the most trying of circumstances throughout the day.

Also, I suffer insomnia. Getting to sleep is never an issue; however, staying asleep often is.  Since making ashwagandha part of my daily regimen, I’ve been able to sleep through the evenings and experience some pretty powerful dream time.

The Recommendation

You can get ashwagandha in many forms from many providers. Are they all the same? No. Not all have the same potency of effects. I am a believer in the transference and infusion of energy and intent. 

What I love most about Portland Ashwagandha Farm’s tincture is its commitment to agriculture, in harmony with nature and lunar cycles. This product is farmed and produced with intention, and I fully believe this directly impacts the product’s essence and quality. Thus, of the many ashwagandha options available to us, Portland Ashwagandha is my number one choice.

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Written by: Christina Burruss

Edited by: Veronica Castillo (for SEO)