Ghost Train OG Dropped Me Off to Chat with Nature

This was the day I was given 10 Commandments for weed consumers

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One day, I consumed a Ghost OG edible, while I was doing one of my projects. When it kicked in, I had a vision.  In this vision, I was in a far remote place and as I was looking around.

 I saw 2 beings and asked them, “who are you and where am I?”  They said to me, “we are the Balance of the Universe and we have been expecting you.”  These 2 voices were very distinct; one was male, the other was female, and they spoke in harmony to each other.  I asked them, “why were you expecting me?” they said, “we have been hoping that the people on our planet which you call Earth, would partake in the gift of communicating with us.  I asked why, they said, “we need to give you these commandments for people to follow when consuming our gifts.”  

These are the 10 Commandments that they gave to share with all of the Weed Consumers:

  1. You shall not allow anyone to control your narrative, you have the final say so.
  2. You shall not be disrespected for the vice that you choose to consume.
  3. You shall not be called a drug addict.
  4. You shall enjoy this gift from nature, enjoy it as long as you’d like.
  5. You shall not hide from other human beings; their power is an illusion.
  6. You shall not babysit weed; sharing is caring- puff puff pass. (exception to the rule: if there’s more than one blunt or joint being passed around, then it is ok to puff X3 then pass.) 
  7. You shall not steal weed.
  8. You shall not be taken advantage of: people should put in.
  9. You shall not fall for the stereotypical bullshit that all people who consume weed are losers (weed doesn’t create losers, they were losers before the 1st puff).
  10. You shall take care of the gift that was given to you- communicating with nature.

These were the Commandments that were communicated to me, so that I could share with you. Mainly, the sick and tired; those that think constantly think about what they’re doing, and if it’s wrong. Consuming weed is natural, you’re not wrong. I’m big on not allowing anyone to force their will on anybody. If what we consume doesn’t resonate, we should let it be.  

Lastly, I want to say; when someone calls you a drug addict for consuming weed, remember that there are people who are poisoning themselves daily with things like food, energy, television, radio, etc.

Have fun, smoke weed till you pass out if you’re an adult, and relax.

Written by: Terry Byas

Edited by: Veronica Castillo

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