Marijuana Consumption and the BLUNT Truth

Credit: smoking with style

Featuring Wedding Cake and Girl Scout Cookies

When consuming marijuana, be it an edible, blunt, vape, or capsule, do you ever wonder about the questions that arise within-  about the life you’re living?  If so, you’re 3rd eye is likely opening up. A lot of marijuana consumers have a higher sense of connecting to other thoughts, to explore the truth about the reality around them. Marijuana is pleasure, it helps food taste better, things that were once boring become intriguing, and for me- I can see people’s energy with sharp clarity.  

A lot of marijuana consumers get into deep thoughts about life’s philosophies. When around those that don’t have deep insight or perspective dismiss these levels of reflection as, “you’re just high and you’re speaking gibberish.”  These people don’t realize that they’re stuck in the old bullshit Matrix of calling marijuana consumers potheads, druggies, losers, and lazy These people are being lied to and finessed daily, especially with these so-called elections.  

My Blunt Truth Experience with Wedding Cake and Girl Scout Cookie

One day, my cousin and I smoked 2 different strains: Wedding Cake, and my favorite- Girl Scout Cookie– we smoke at least 4 blunts. We were having a conversation about the bullshit “stimulus talks,” among other things.  My truth came to me with the following revelations: 


  • Democrats and republicans are just putting on a show. The first so called stimulus they had to give was to keep up the image of caring for the people.  
  • Both parties are on the same side; the republicans and democrats are 2 wings on the same bird and one can’t fly without the other.  


We talked about religion, and I was asked: “when you were growing up in the church, did you ever wondered why God couldn’t just kill the Devil to get rid of evil?” 

My truths:

  • The reason that God couldn’t kill the Devil because you can’t kill half of yourself. 


After that conversation, I went home and, on my way, there were more truths that came to me.  

  • Wealth is an illusion because money is a tool

Darkness and Light

  • Darkness and light can co-exist because one can’t survive without the other.

The Blunt truth, can be experienced when consuming marijuana.  Many people won’t believe it and may be too afraid to experience it. Many are more comfortable with the current system of things, believing what the church says, believing the government, believing that 2 parties are actually fighting for and about them, and that the current voting system is in their best interest.  

It’s ok to open your eyes to what is going on, the blunt helps with that. You’ll thank yourself later. Thank you Ethan Wehr for giving me the title idea for this piece.

Written by: Terry Byas

Edited by: Veronica Castillo

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