Vasayo Life Abundant

My Review of CBD and Non CBD, Vegan Products

I had the pleasure of learning about Vasayo; a company that is transforming lives physically, financially, and socially through superior delivery of products, opportunity, and community. I had an opportunity to review a few of their CBD and non-CBD, vegan products

A little on the company before the review. Vasayo’s objective in this industry is to bless the lives of 1 million people by establishing 1,000 clean water wells within African communities through their Hearts and Hands for Humanity initiative

Hearts and Hands for Humanity provides clean water to communities in Africa using an innovative tool: The Center Earth Drill, which can drill up to 250 feet below the earth’s surface, creating wells that reach clean water buried underground.” 


100% of Vasayo Brand Partner donations go toward providing clean water to African communities—no administrative costs or salaries are taken out.

With locations in the United States, Thailand, Taiwan, and Hong Kong; and products like CBD oil, CBD mental wellness packs, and CBD nutrition packs- Vasayo has a product for just about every need. The team at Vasayo is a vibrant ecosystem full of dreamers, doers, entrepreneurs, and families offering life changing products. 

The Review

I consumed the V- shake, chocolate vegan option. It’s definitely chocolatey which is great and a little chalky which I am used to. Chalky is typical with vegan protein shakes because there’s no whey in them. Whey comes from diary and gives protein powders more of a creamy texture. 

I blended with almond milk and added a little bit of a seed blend for extra fiber and omegas. I sweetened it a bit with agave. It filled me up for quite a few hours and I enjoyed it while sipping. The chalkiness is tolerable when mindful of the benefits in the protein powder: 

  • Cranberry
  • Fava bean
  • Mung bean
  • Digestive enzyme blend
  • 25 grams of protein

It’s not at all overly sweet which is why I added a little bit of agave; I have a natural sweet tooth so I wanted it to be more of a milkshake. For people that don’t have a sweet tooth- it’s sweet enough on its own without the addition of sweetener.  The chocolate V-shake made me feel really great afterwards and it is a protein shake that I would drink again. 

The CBD One cream is great! It’s made to soothe tired and stiff muscles. It is a medium thick texture and it has a bit of a cooling sensation. Its relief is almost immediate and was good for my repetitive stress injury. Though there is the cooling sensation, the scent of menthol isn’t overbearing. The topical smells a little minty, but not overwhelming. It really helped ease up the information with just a little bit of a sample.

The CBD One oil was a sample size and not enough for my tolerance to really evaluate the impact. I usually consume 50MG of CBD at once and so, I can’t give insight on impact but I will say that the flavor is tolerable, it’s broad spectrum so- THC free, and made in the U.S- from plant to packaging. 

I recommend!