Decriminalize Nature: Discovering the Truth

I love every cannabinoid that Cannabis grows- both hemp and marijuana. They are magic, full of healing and should under no circumstance be illegal.

I can’t say that I have always felt the same about psychedelic mushrooms. I am one of those people that believed that psychedelics were bad (outside of Cannabis). I believed the lies the system told.

Cannabis has always been more familiar to me but shrooms and other psychedelics- no way; until now. Now I understand and know better! No longer trapped by the systems chains- I went on a journey of explorationand came back seeing the full benefits of psychedelics!

You see, while I am extremely familiar with, and consume Cannabis daily, I have not had the pleasure of consuming shrooms. And what I am seeing out here in Oregon, are products that have combined both CBD and mushrooms for medicine.

Of course, I’m intrigued; so, my research has been a mix of documentaries and articles, and connecting with people that totally support, have deep insight and knowledge, and have had the experience of consuming. As I am learning, I am more and more excited about my experience AND the entire movement to decriminalize all psychedelics.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

— Doctors in the east (China and Japan) have been using medicinal mushrooms to treat cancer for ages.

— In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that reishi could slow down aging so, it is used to enhance longevity.

— In modern medicine, fungi are used for cancer treatments by way of targeting tumors.

— In America, we are starting to see study after study on the benefit of psilocybin for mental health.

— Oakland and Denver have decriminalized psychedelic mushrooms.

It’s clear that psychedelics have value- and maybe that’s why they aren’t legal. Maybe we live within a system that prefers our pain and has an agenda to keep us in civil and spiritual wars.

My goal is to learn and help shine light on the benefits of psychedelics in many aspects of life. Psychedelics are not new to the scene and people have been treating with them for centuries. Natural meds went out the window when labs started to pop up- that’s when the true craze started.


This piece was originally published in the Decriminalize Nature Portland (Oregon) Shroom News Newsletter- Written by the author: Veronica Castillo.

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