Caliva, Alien OG, Strain Review

Strain: Alien OG
Cannabinoids: 30.35% THC/ 0.00% CBD
Manufacturing: Caliva

 Background of Company:

Caliva, is a cannabis cultivation and manufacturing company founded in 2015 in California (bonus points, their dispensaries can be located in San Jose and Belflower, CA). Caliva built their brand emphasizing positive energy, transparency, and intention. This company’s brand embraces the “positive vibes only” lifestyle. They are passionate and committed to ensuring people receive more natural and sustainable wellness options. Caliva performs and operates by abiding by their company’s standards: absolute integrity, connectedness, positive energy, truth seeking and bias towards action. 

Interesting Facts about Caliva: 

  • One of California’s largest cultivation and manufacturing facilities.
  • Has a team of over 600 employees from local communities.
  • Produces about 11,000 pounds yearly and over tens of thousands of other cannabis products.


Feel: I received small nugs in my premium cannabis flower package. The flower nugs were hard and dense with a dry texture.


The aroma was a calm and soothing lemon scent with citrus tones. The scent was not overbearing or too powerful 

 Taste: I consumed 1 gram of Alien OG through the inhalation method and with my favorite, a natural tobacco leaf. During the first pull the taste was sweet, calm, and mellow giving my taste buds a mellow greeting. 

LadyyHaze’s Thoughts: 

I enjoyed consuming Alien OG, as well as experiencing the welcoming and positive feeling I encountered while consuming. In a short, I feel like I am successfully smoking their brand’s core values of positive energy, intention and transparency. 

This is the perfect strain to smoke when feeling productive, creative and euphoric. The strain helped form a happier, clearer, and motivating mental state. Furthermore, the THC “head high” feeling came toward the middle of the wood (blunt wrap), with a calm and easy approach. There was not a harsh head rush nor did I have any food cravings.

I did experience cotton mouth and slight harshness on the throat toward the end of the sesh.  Overall, I do enjoy Alien OG and would use this strain to re-target my focus on productivity, daily goals and motivation. 

Written by: Asia; Ladyy Haze

Edited by: Veronica Castillo (for SEO)