Try Plain Jane – New Products Review

OG Kush CBD Crumble and Jack Herer CBD Vape Pen

Those that have been following me for a while know that I love Try Plain Jane CBD products. I published a full review piece last year and now they have products that they are adding to their already amazing lineup. This review is focused on the OG Kush CBD crumble and the CBD Jack Herer vape cart.

Plain Jane is a company that grows amazing hemp flower and offers amazing CBD products out of Southern Oregon. The company is owned and operated by Lindsey and Evan who created this company out of a small space while they were in college. From the small space to a large farm, the company is very known out here in the hemp CBD industry and in Cannabis legalization advocacy. 

The Reviews

OG Kush Crumble

The OG Kush crumble put me to sleep. That baby is potent! I always have to say that I feel CBD with the heightened beauty of THC. I am heavy THC consumer and so when I consume CBD- THC always gives it that extra lift- which I love.  I loved infusing my THC smoke with this CBD crumble. Inhale one, I could feel it hitting my lungs but with such ease. The onset is really smooth, I felt it kicking in and then settling in by puff. It has a citrusy maybe lemon like scent and flavor to it that really enhanced the flavor of my overall smoke sesh.

The aroma gave me another layer of relaxation. It was absolutely perfect for sleep. I did not have a choppy night of sleep and I woke up feeling refreshed but still feeling a little bit of the ease that it left in my body the night before.

Jack Herer Vape Pen

The vape pen is an amazing daytime lifter in mood and overall relaxation in the body. I definitely felt it, but in a way that still allowed me to get things done. It’s 750 mg total and I consumed about 8 to 10 inhales in one session. I felt it immediately go into my arms- I have repetitive stress injury and CBD works great for that. This vape pen definitely helped heal the aches and pains in my arm by inhale number three and the taste of those terpenes were present throughout. 

I love both of these CBD products and recommend! 

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Written by: Veronica Castillo

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