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Black Owned in Michigan, TouCanna.IO, a Coding/Technology Start-Up Company

Hear from Co-Founder, Cree Robinson

“Day to day I looked around and WE don’t have the same opportunity; so I created the opportunity.” -Cree Robinson

Photo provided by: TouCanna.IO

Founded by Cree Robinson and Lou Wes, and on a mission to create useful and easy to use tech solutions for cannabis professionals, TouCanna.IO, helps cannabis businesses thrive. If you check out the site, you’ll find that helping cannabis businesses thrive is at the center of everything TouCanna.IO stands for. This company is focused on giving cannabis dispensaries the power of 10 platforms in one:

  • Point of Sale: connect to dispensary inventory.
  • Compliance: integrate inventory to state tracking systems.
  • Staffing: manage the team’s performance and goals. 
  • Tasks: assign tasks, check them off, and track projects.

Mattie J, featured interviewer on the Vee, Traveling Veg Canna Writer blog, had the opportunity to speak with Cree, to get the inside scoop on the amazing things TouCanna.IO is doing, and to learn more about the passionate people that drive the brand and product.

Q & A with TouCanna.IO Co-founder, Cree Robinson

Please tell us about the “why” behind the launch of TouCanna.IO.

We wanted to start something Entrepreneurial together.The tech planning industry could use people like us. After seeing the good and bad of the industry, we decided that we couldn’t take a backseat to something we did for a living. We’ve worked in the tech space for a long time, so we decided to bring our know-how. Louie being a legacy street pharmacist and me being a consumer, it made sense to combine the two things we are passionate about, and bring to the people.

Who is Cree Robinson?  What would your friends say if I cornered them in the bar bathroom?

“I’m over in-enthusiastic, ride or die, don’t tell her something you don’t want to run with, she’s going to make sure you follow through, and that I am loyal and dedicated.”

What part of you is in the business and brand?

The part that wants to bring the family dynamic back, I wanted to start to change that. I want to incorporate P.O.C into all aspects of our business. From interns and contractors, to the Director of Operations- we all are people of color except one.

Everything I do is to create something for people that look like me. I know it’s a clichè answer but I really do. It’s such a shock that we aren’t more prominent in this industry. Especially with all the green built off the dirt on our backs.”

What is TouCanna.IO’s ultimate goal?

To not be told what to do, we have done everything on our own backs with the help of others of course, but ultimately our own creation. We want a solid customer base to speak for us. Like Jaguar, we eventually do not want to advertise because we are known to our people and beyond. We are the type of people who have been in the trenches so we want to help others navigate it.”

 What advice can you give, based on the cons have you encountered within this business and the cannabis industry?

“Do your own research no matter what anyone tells you. Yes, of course pay attention but listen; listen enough to enter into your own research acumen. 

With everything that happened with George Floyd, it feels a little weird when people who aren’t of color try to help you. It can be a bit off-putting. Like you aren’t sure if they genuinely want to help you or if it’s just a ploy to ease pain. Weigh out the feeling within yourself. You will sense who is genuine and who isn’t. It’s a process of letting yourself accept help at your own discretion.

If something looks/feels unstable don’t be afraid to say it needs more legs.

Take time to think of the name of your company. It seems like it took us forever. We went through so many names. I would be at the grocery store and think of a name, text my partner, and he’d say nay or ok. We’d add it to the list or he’d just shoot it down and we’d move on. Eventually we looked into animals and something resonated with us when it came to Toucanna. So, do your due diligence and look into what you need to, to make your business truly stand firm.

People respect you more when you say you don’t know. A lot of people don’t understand the damage you can do to someone, not even just their business, with just the level of pointless “bullshittin.”

The interview was conducted by: Mattie Johnson

Edited for SEO and written clarity by: Veronica Castillo

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