Black Owned in Cannabis

Los Angeles- Ball Family Farms, Making History as a 1st

“Let’s document all of this so kids can listen to this 30 years from now ”- Chris Ball

Photo Credit: Ball Family Farms

Black owned in cannabis, interviewed by black writers in cannabis- this is a representation of the mission at Vee, Traveling Veg Canna Writer blog. I was introduced to Ball Family Farms, the brand and products, in Los Angeles. I attended the grand opening of Josephine & Billie’s, and while there, my eyes captured Laura Charles and Daniel Russo. I became even more intrigued when I learned that Laura and Daniel were created by the first vertically integrated, minority- owned, social equity commercial cannabis facility in Los Angeles.

So, I got in contact with someone that got me in contact with Ralina Shaw PR. Ralina is fast! The same day I made contact, she started working on getting this interview set up and had samples of Ball Family Farms products delivered to me. And let me just state now, what a magical experience to consume anything Ball Family Farms grows. 

My goodness! Laura and Daniel are phenomenal. They look just as they do in photos, and smell even more magical. They grow phenomenal, terpene raging, gorgeous cannabis. It was a must for us to sit down and chat with the founder of Ball Family Farms, Chris Ball. Victoria Sockwell and Dom Hart led the high vibrational and inspiring zoom interview with Chris about:

  • Cannabis and History
  • Documenting Cannabis History
  • Cannabis and Generational Wealth
  • Cannabis and the Criminal System
  • From Legacy Market to Legal Market
  • Ball Family Farms Journey into the Cannabis Industry
  • Community Empowerment and Support
  • Barriers in Cannabis
  • Cannabis and Social Equity
  • Strain Names and Characters- sneak peak into new strains
  • Moving People Closer to Plants
  • Chris Ball Goes on Tour!
  • The Future of Ball Family Farms

Click the link below to tune into the full interview with Ball Family Farms.

Written by: Veronica Castillo

Interview by: Dom Hart and Victoria Sockwell

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