Autumn Blessings – 3 ways to Find & Work Your Own Healing Magic

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.”- Oscar Wilde

The changing of seasons is overstated, and yet underappreciated (this year hasn’t made it easier). Summer was barely over on the east coast before chilly mornings switched up our routines. For some, this change was met with disdain; for others, impending Autumn was both welcomed and honored for its magical properties. 

As we collectively power through the equinox and settle with the autumn leaves, magic swells over its brim, a little spilling out to change to colors. If you wake up early enough, you can catch your breath in the brisk air. Summer is over… simple and plain. But the magic is still here.

COVID-19 took over our spring and summer, so the seasonal affectations weigh heavier on our minds. We all are wondering if the rumors of a second wave are true; if our loved ones will make it through this without injury. So, people are trying to live to the fullest extent within the confines of this time. 

That IS the magic! We must be gentle with each other and ourselves. We must continue to believe that we have the power to make it through, despite the sinister souls that may have claimed most of the magic for themselves.

It is essential that we find our magic and our therapy so that when harvest turns to the long sleep of winter, we will be comforted. Autumn marks a time of harvest…of gathering. Gather your best self and try these few tips for changing seamlessly with the season.

  1. Adjust Your Medicine 

What is medicine for your soul? How do you apply it? 

For me, reading and writing early in the morning during the summer was medicine. As Autumn rushed in, I slept later and later and beat myself up for missing my time. That weighed heavily on me mentally, so much so that I was in a depressed state. 

I had to fast from all the processed foods I had enjoyed over the summer but it didn’t quite get me back to where I thought I should be. So, I adjusted my medicine, and my schedule began to flow more easily. I found that letting my body readjust on its own was better than forcing myself to get up the way I had before.

I still write daily; I just found a new time to do it.

       2. Acknowledge Your Emotions

Meditation, quiet, restful breathing and mental flow, is so powerful for mental health. It allows us to acknowledge how we are feeling so we can heal the parts of us that are ailing. That is part of our magic. 

Do not ignore yourself. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real matter that warps our perception of reality based on our emotions and the changing seasons. Some of us or our loved ones deal with this and may not realize it. 

Acknowledge yourself so that your magic can flow easily. Talk to yourself. Your body is listening.

       3. Try Hemp Products

This tip is a little biased, and I believe and have experienced hemp to be a renaissance healer. Hemp works directly with our endocannabinoid system making it one of the most bioavailable plants on earth. 

CBD and CBG flowers have been blessed Cannabis-derivatives for me so I recommend them to folks I know that may be dealing with mental or physical anguish, those who don’t want to go straight for traditional medications. 

Tinctures, topicals, smokable herbs, and teas are available at our disposal and are legal in all 50 states. CBD has been proven to help alleviate physical and psychosomatic pain, quell depression and stimulate appetite. CBG has helped to lessen my crowded thoughts so that I can focus in daily tasks. 

A variety of hemp flower products can be perused and purchased on the site. Most have been sampled and reviewed so you can gather unfiltered information to help you make the best choice. My favorite products are Jamaican Chocolate CBD and CBG White flower, for which I wrote a review.

Don’t allow the stigma of herbs to stop you from healing and restoring your magic. Use earth medicine to guide you!

Final Thoughts

Autumn days are shorter, nights are longer, but our magic does not have to fade out. Restoration is in nature…our nature. Be gentle with yourself.

Autumn blessings.


Written by: Dom Hart

Edited by: Veronica Castillo (for SEO)

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