Anxiety We’re Done, Stop Calling Me

How ACDC Helped Me

Dear anxiety, Roses are red, violets may be blue,

When my anxiety levels are high, CBD comes and slashes you. 

Sigh, anxiety you are the cloak of burdens I wish I can use as a tax write of ; when would you see the big picture? 

No one wants you here. 

High regards, LadyyHaze 

P.S. Anxiety we’re done, stop calling me.

If only breaking up with anxiety was that easy. Anywho, high lovelies! What are you smoking on? Recently I grabbed some goodies and I wanted to share my new addition to my herbal medicine box. Fun fact: I am in LOVE with herbal medicine and constantly growing my home apothecary. But back to this month’s herb, Fern Valley Farm’s ACDC organic high CBD hemp flower.

ACDC strain is a wonderful combination with chill/vibe music because of the rich relaxation effects. This feeling is similar to drinking a glass of wine while settling into your needed self-care milk bath. I recommend smoking this strain while laying in your place of comfort, right now mine is floating abyss in a soft pillow-top mattress surrounded in pillows.

About the Company

I grabbed some new herbs for my collection from Fern Valley Farms located in Southern Oregon. Want to know the lit part? They are a family owned organic hemp farm dedicated to providing the necessary tender, love and care in harvesting our herbal medicine. You can purchase your high CBD hemp medicine from their website and remember CBD has less than .03% THC so there would not be any psychological activity like there is with THC; basically… no you will not get high.

My Consumption Method

When it comes to my CBD: I like it clean, I like it fresh, and I smoke it through my fancy pipe.

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My Review

I loved smoking ACDC strain in my pipe because my hit was very smooth and mellow, just like the scent of the flower. Even though I do love CBD, everyone knows THC is #1 in my life so I have to live a full spectrum lifestyle. But, the effects after smoking this strain- I could not believe how relaxed I became after 5 puffs.

This strain is perfect for mind-shifting activities because even though I feel very relaxed, I am not sleepy. After smoking ACDC, I noticed how high my anxiety levels were, broke my procrastination behavior and helped me focus on my tasks without irritation to slight distractions.

This strain is great for creatives, meditation, people who procrastinate, and people with high anxiety levels. In my opinion, anxiety blankets fear, negative thoughts and energies for productivity and stops a lot of creativity. For me, I feel like I can focus and accomplish hours’ worth of research, writing and jamming through the nighttime.

As a newly college graduate who does not have their shit together? Let me tell you my plate is full! I want to do everything from enrolling into my master’s program to starting two businesses? I would drive myself insane if I kept my toxic relationship with my anxiety but ACDC made me find a healthier solution to my problems. Smoking this high CBD hemp strain allowed me to gain focus and clarity in this big noggin.

Written by: Asia McCain

Edited by: Veronica Castillo (for SEO)

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