A Woman in Cannabis

A colleague of mine recently asked me to speak on how being a woman in cannabis has impacted me, and how I may have impacted other women in the cannabis industry. I was surprised by the request because I never thought of myself as a “woman in cannabis” before. Though the ideas of public cannabis advocacy, consumption and business ventures no longer require much discretion, sometimes it feels like I’m still not “allowed” to.  Affirmations have helped tremendously on this journey. So here I go…(Say these with me). 

“I am a woman who works in cannabis.” 

“Cannabis is a welcomed healing agent in my life.” 

“Consuming cannabis helps me to find more balance.”

“I deserved to enjoy consuming cannabis in any way that is helpful to me.”

“It is good and well to profit from the work I do in the cannabis industry.”

“I am actively working with other phenomenal women in the cannabis industry.”

Saying these things to myself makes my body believe it too. Dare I say, my high increases and my mind expands to the possibilities of what cannabis can really do?!

Since the inception of my open journey with our sacred herb, I have met and been inspired by some of the most amazing people! From Veronica Castillo’s digital tap on my shoulder that led to me fulfilling my writing dreams, to the 10-day East Coast Canna Tour with Sunflower’s Space Cakes and a host of extraordinary Black women business owners that I consider family; being a woman in cannabis is DOPE (pun intended). 

I currently use my gifts of writing, herbal healing, and cooking to share the holistic power of cannabis with other people that I experience, especially women. It was a woman that first showed me how to harness the power of cannabis to heal myself. Though it is a daily journey, I’m grateful to be a part of the interconnected tribe that can recognize each other by the sweet perfume of our sacred herb, the lowness of our eyes and the peace in our aura when influenced by Mama Cannabis. As we learn together, we build a bigger space and a wider bridge for our sisters to get over. 

We are all connected

The industry is not without its challenges. Social equity is a term we hear and read about often; however, recent reports over the last two months from organizations such as the Minority Cannabis Business Association have exposed the ever-present discrepancies between policy and practice. But the women of cannabis industry are proof that anything can be done (while we consume the sacred herb, of course). We are constantly pushing past the barriers and intentionally taking up space while also making room for others to join and share their gifts with the cannabis community.

The message is repetitive, and vital. Making connections is what truly drives the success of the cannabis business. Some women play a bigger role than others in being connectors because that is the gift they possess on this timeline. We are grateful for their efforts and strive to pass the torch to the next generation of cannabis business women. 

Women in Cannabis Expo

Conferences such as the Women In Cannabis Expo, launched in 2020 by Brook Westlake, are dynamic examples of network building in the cannabis community. By utilizing their unique gifts and social media platforms to levy engagement with the desired audience, women in the cannabis industry are growing exponentially together. 

The Women In Cannabis Expo is a traveling network phenomenon, currently hosted in San Francisco, California; Denver, Colorado; Las Vegas, Nevada; and the newest location to join the roster, Atlantic City, New Jersey. The intention to “connect, inspire and learn together” is one that Brook has carried out by sharing her story, resources and platform with open arms and ears. 

When I called to speak about a press pass, Brook was as genuine, bubbly, and eager to help as her aura suggests on camera! However, it was the ingenuity and dedication I heard in her voice that increased my excitement. It takes pure magic to build something like WICE and Brook is clear that working with other amazing women is the key to sustaining it!

Participants in the expo have access to cannabis business wisdom and like minded network building time at this 12-hour day event. For the New Jersey expo, taking place on Thursday, May 26, there are an estimated 30 to 40 vendor spaces. The possibilities of wonder that will be on display are endless! The east coast is picking up speed with cost of living and expenses, thankfully the cannabis industry is an open avenue. WICE will be a welcome shift in favor of women cannabis entrepreneurs, educators and enthusiasts.   

Those interested in investing in the expo and being participants can become sponsors and/or offer scholarship booth spaces. This event is the perfect opportunity for a large number of women to have a space where they are celebrated amongst each other; to highlight what may be little known, and have it spread like fire amongst colleagues with very similar interests, even beyond money. 

Brook also mentioned the Women In Cannabis society chapters that have formed and how the request for more chapters in different cities is growing! It’s exciting to see movements in such a fast-paced industry that still require a sense of community. The cannabis industry can sometimes feel bull horned by the business side of things. Once again, the importance of connection comes to mind; but it’s about much more than who you know out here.  Lest we forget that cannabis is sacred and spiritual before it is enterprising. How appropriate that women should lead the cause in reminding us all about this. 

Tap into the Women In Cannabis Expo on the website and instagram; follow Brooke on LinkedIn to keep up with her powerful movements in cannabis and politics! 


A special thanks to Brook Westlake for her time and energy! WICE is sure to be amazing, if not more than it has been before. 

Major recognition to the women that came before these present generations of women in cannabis. Mothers, grandmothers, aunties, shamans, teachers…that saw cannabis for its healing properties and passed the information along so that cannabis could be a major catalyst in healing the world. 

Thank you Mother Gaia for your generous sustenance. May we always honor you. 

I’m Mama Dom, aka Goddess Dom. I am a Magical Mama of 4 precious human children and a few plants. I am a writer, claireaudient, sonic healer, holistic heling coach and a cannabis advocate and user. I own and operate Green Hart Holistic, a plant based kitchen and apothecary. Our mission is to wake you up to the healing power you already possess and help you harness that power using crafted Earth items, including food and herbs.

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