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It’s a Man’s World, but it Ain’t SHIT without Women

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I’m still fairly green in the cannabis industry. Shit, I’ve only been out of the stoner-mom closet for a couple of years now. One big thing that I’ve noticed is the slow to crawl mainstream coverage on women in the cannabis industry, BIPOC in cannabis especially! 

It’s almost as if the masquerading male powers that be believe that they created themselves and inhabit this earth with mute, otherwise invisible, sex objects. Not enough reverence for the womb and hardly any influence from the divine feminine. I shudder to think of a world that runs like this…oh right…

Here’s the thing though, women are very present in the world and in the cannabis industry. Women have always been around for the hard work in the background. “Behind every successful man..” comes to mind. Little do “they” know women run the world and make it go ‘round! It’s time to bring women back to the front.

I scroll through my instagram feed and connect to powerhouse goddesses almost everyday! The “Boys Club” mentality that hovers around the cannabis industry is being dismantled in favor of female archetypes! Who better to cultivate the growth and evolution of our society than “The Mother” herself? 

Check out three kickass women growers that we all definitely need to know more about: 

Danielle Buntyon, is the founder and owner of Jade’s Elevation, LLC, her family operated hemp cultivation farm located in Memphis, Tennessee. The company was founded on 420, 2018, the holy day of our good plant cannabis and is named after Danielle’s daughter, Jade (talk about a DOPE family legacy). 

Jade’s expresses a focus on bringing craftsmanship back to the industry with artisan products made from solventless extraction CBD. A better quality, which means consumers can expect a healthier experience! For those that don’t know, solvent-less means no alcohol is used in the extraction process of the cannabinoids. This preserves the terpenes, fats and lipids and also yields a more potent and therefore more effective product. The “Jade’s” website provides full spectrum tinctures, prerolls, pain creams, bath salts, and flower for sale. 

In addition to growing high quality hemp flower, Danielle is dedicated to spreading knowledge amongst other southern cultivators. Her education includes bachelor and masters degrees from Middle Tennessee State University and University of Memphis, respectively, and a certificate in Ganja Talks University and New Farmers Academy. Danielle is a member of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and a political activist in her own right. Any (BLACK!) woman in cannabis with a resume like Danielle’s is certainly worth knowing and supporting!

Be sure to scroll through Jades Elevation instagram for an inspired look at this wonderful company and all it has to offer! Elevated vibes only! Photo courtesy

Growithlisa is a home grown cannabis brand founded by cultivator Loisa “Lisa” Nyankale, located in Washington D.C. Despite Washington D.C. laws preventing cultivators and medical patients from growing at home, Lisa thrives and grows strong like her plants and inspires others to do the same.

She is the current deputy director of NORML-Maryland Chapter, and has gained a few cannabis industry accolades, including D.C. Growers Cup Hybrid Winner and a feature on Viceland’s Weediquette.  Photo courtesy

Lisa expresses that she was “thrusted” into the cannabis industry, but it’s evident that she belongs here. Purple passion and personality emanate from her instagram page. Lisa is not only a cannabis cultivator, she is also an advocate and consultant for the empowerment of home growers and food equity in her locale. Her Benning Park Community gardening efforts provide a beautiful space for unity and food for the ward 7 district residents in D.C.! 

Lisa’s website focuses on education and community initiatives, and virtual and live events and classes for those that need them. Her most recent teaching installment #quarantineandgrow is in its second season and promises to be just as fruitful. 

With all  that I encountered, #Growitlisa is a movement I definitely want to get behind. Keep up with the progress of this masterful magical woman and her brand on Instagram, Facebook!

Tina Gordon is an artist, and documentary filmmaker, and cannabis cultivator. Her company, Moon Made Farms sits on 40 acres in the mountains of Humboldt County, California, where breath-taking acreage of cannabis (amongst other edible plants) grow freely. Company practices honor the cycles of nature using outdoor, sun-grown cultivation and lunar farming techniques.

Sun-grown cultivation is a “best practice” in the cannabis grower industry that limits typical cultivation energy consumption while advancing with the energy of benefits such as full light spectrum exposure, better crop yield, higher potency, fuller terpene profile and plant health and aroma. Lunar farming is a “best practice” in the cannabis grower industry that aids plants with proper water absorption (guided by gravitational forces, which are influenced by the different lunar cycles) and efficacy of growth cycles. 

These practices have yielded three, high quality strains in the Moon Made Reserve. In addition to cannabis flower Moon Made also sells dope ass apparel and accessories made with sustainability and comfort in mind. 

Tina has produced a bountiful harvest, appreciating the spirit of the previous land owner, Joani, who was a queer performer of the 1950’s and 60’s. Joani pioneered the performing world for fellow queer identifying entertainers. Tina describes Joani as “sassy and..mirthful” and utilizes words like resilience and self-sufficiency in the documentary Tina produced entitled “Presenting Joani:Queen of the Paradiddle”. In line with Joani’s spirit, Moon Made Farms is dedicated to the allyship of women in marginalized populations, as well as the preservation of the native energies that are the original mothers of the land. Photo courtesy:

In Closing

The synchrony of divine feminine and masculine energies purposefully harnessed is such a beautiful realization. Women growers in cannabis and hemp lead the charge in honoring nature, which is very important during these shifting digital times. The three women, as well as their peers, create magic by balancing their energies almost effortlessly. They embody the archetypes of Mother, Teacher and Healer and bring that power to the cannabis industry as forces to be reckoned with. 

One of my favorite James Brown songs rings true, it’s a man’s world, but it wouldn’t even exist without women! 

That’s Big Goddess Energy!

Written by: Dom Hart

Edited by: Veronica Castillo 

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