The Sunflower Spacecakes Presents, the East Coast Cannabis Tour ft. Vee

From the Eyes of Hygh Maintenance Society

Photo Credit: Sunflower Spacecakes

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Ami Ekpaji, the owner of Hygh Maintenance Society. My company is for the bougie cannabis lover offering CBD infused skincare, edibles, drinks, and luxury accessories. I was honored to be one of the businesses invited on the East Coast Canna Tour presented by Sunflower Spacecakes, featuring Vee.

The Manifestation of the Tour and the Tour Through my Eyes

My cousin and I would happen to always be on the phone during the full moon. One night he put in the air that we’d be taking our businesses on tour. Months later I would go on a 7 city 7 state in the 7 month- cannabis tour with other black women in the industry.

I stood on the porch of The Lair 420 Social Club, owned by Sunflower Spacecakes, and anxiously watched the van being packed up, enjoying the smell of cannabis in the air. Excitement and gratitude were running through me and I tookit all in. I didn’t smoke prior- ME (lol)! Instead, I got in and snuggled in the 2nd row, and I rolled up and took my first hit as we rode down 52nd Street heading on the journey.

First stop meeting Vee in Massachusetts! Where we stayed before meeting up with Vee, there was a calming lake with trees. That evening, I smoked sitting on a rock taking  in the beautiful scenery. Later that night we ate our first meal together at a local Indian restaurant. As a group of people left one began singing the Black National Anthem and we all joined in. The ancestors blessed the tour!

The next visit was something magical. Dressed in hazmat gear high and a little sleepy, we walked into Justincredible’s indoor cultivation, with rows and rows of cannabis. The plants weren’t budding yet but they were still beautiful. They stood tall, green, and  glowing from the lights and slightly swaying from the air. It reminded me of Breaking Bad. Watching the cultivators taking care of the plants brought my heart such joy. Not because I was surrounded by a lot of cannabis, but because most of the cultivators and employees were young black men.

Yoga! I was anxious and excited about leading meditation in Portland, ME at Hustle and Flow Studio. This would be my 1st official time leading! I shared my favorite guided meditation by Michelle Renee- manifesting money! I was grateful for the opportunity and sharing energy with everyone.

In Connecticut, Parkville Market was fun! I had Jamaican food and it was delicious! Before leaving, the east coast canna tour crew flicked it up! We all took photos in what felt like a photoshoot. I took and posed photos reminiscent of the ones taken back in grade school, like an end of the school year photo shoot. It was fun!

And then there was D.C. Staying somewhere that’s 420 friendly hasn’t been my experience and not always easy to find. Canna Capecod is a cannabis lover’s dream getaway. This place is decked out with essentials. The hostess with the mostest can throw down in the kitchen too! It was the perfect place to relax, recharge, and for a get together. We had the dopest backyard kickback! It was a mini Canna Festival in the yard. Clouds of smoke, laughter and music were floating in the air. I tried smoking from basically a shotgun mechanism. I LOVED it!

Visiting Brown Family Farms and Produce, and Hempfinity was definitely a highlight for me! We got a history lesson while we strolled in the hemp fields. I enjoyed hugs from the plants as I took pictures basking in the beauty, sun, and moment. I was so fascinated by the Brown’s history, farming in the black community, and the many uses for hemp. I still can’t believe I was smoking weed on a plantation walking freely! We got to see where their plants start and one of the many locations it ends up. Which is their dispensary they have in town that will have a cafe/jazz spot attached. This was really my favorite tour!

Final Words

The East Coast Canna Tour presented by Sunflower Spacecakes, featuring Vee, was absolutely amazing! Sunflower thank you, you set the bar for tours and it’s high! I’m beyond grateful for the experience and for everyone who opened their doors to us. The tour was beyond what I dreamed of!

Written by: Ami Ekpaji w/ Hygh Maintenance Society

Edited by: Veronica Castillo