5 Gift Ideas for the Cannabis Lover in Your Life

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We have always had a desire to get the “perfect” gift for our significant other, spouses, friends, family, and even co-workers. We research ideas to get that gift that someone will love and cherish, and sometimes- we generate those ideas listening to clues and unique message. It could be something they saw on tv, the store window, on a YouTube video or on a website they visited.  No matter what, gift buying and giving can come with their small stresses. 

When it comes to gifts for the Cannabis lover , one would think it is simple- “just to buy some weed, some rolls, a bong, and paraphernalia, then they would be happy”.  In a perfect world that would be it- but the laws don’t allow this to happen legally.  

For those wondering “what can I get my Cannabis lover that is in a category of something that they need, want, and can enjoy with a smile on their face?”, my people-that is where we at the Vee Traveling Veg Canna Writer site comes in. We want to help you with good ideas for that special someone in your life that loves cannabis.

Gift Ideas for The Cannabis Lover in Your Life

  • If you need that liquid CBD, then check out Korasana products (check out the save $ page on the site for a discount code!). These products will help the receiver of the gift sleep, feel good, and offer all around health.  
  • For those in California, giving cannabis as a gift is legal! Up to 28 grams that is so, if cannabis flower is an idea you want to explore for your California loved one, check out Herb of Life Cultivation LLC. This company has exclusive strains like BlackGirlMagicOG.  
  • If gifting flower, it has to be smoked out of something right?  The cannabis lover in your life will appreciate rolling papers- which can be found either at your local smoke shop, or online through companies like Marijuana Packing website.  They have paper’s, hemp rolls, and everything your cannabis lover needs to roll it up, light it up, smoke it up, inhale, and exhale.  
  • The cannabis lover in your life can always use support so, if money is tight, support can be given. Cannabis lovers deal with stigma’s every day and support from a loved one, is the one unexpected gift that will keep on giving. 

These gift ideas work for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers (parents need relief), or it could be a “just because I love you,” present.  The cannabis lover in your life will be grateful.


Written by: Terry Byas

Edited by: Veronica Castillo

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