Vee’s Magic Mushroom/Psilocybin Microdosing Experience – 5

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This journey was so different, but very revealing- Golden Teacher didn’t allow me to come back the same. My 2 little mushroom trip was filled with so many answers. I’ve had questions for years- and finally, they were answered. So much of it is personal, information that I don’t want to publicly share, but I’ll try my best to provide insight. 

What Number Microdose Journey with Psilocybin is This?

I admit, I think I missed one or two journey’s in the series. I realized that this should be the piece about my 4th time journeying with magic mushrooms, but I think this is more like journey number 6- maybe even 7. 

Set and Setting

A reminder from my last piece:

I can’t stress enough the importance of set and setting. When consuming plant medicine, intention is key. No one should ever ignore set and setting to chase a “high”, that is not responsible consumption. Magic mushrooms are intentional and therefore, the consumer must be intentional. As always, I recommend microdosing with magic mushrooms if a beginner. It’s best to start low to find the dose appropriate for you.” 

I was visiting my family down south during this journey. I was in overall lifted and happy spirits; I was being fed good and loved on, and felt a pull to consume. I was excited because I knew that if I waited for everyone to go to sleep, I’d be journeying “alone”. It was mid week, the clock struck midnight, I remember asking myself if I should go ahead and consume. I had to make sure because this time, I’d be consuming the actual psilocybin mushroom- no more edible.

I grabbed one small magic mushroom and decided that it was time to jump in, so I grabbed the second smallest mushroom. I looked at them both, smiled, and reminded myself that if the journey got too intense, cannabis would help balance everything out. 

I consumed both at the same time and I was mad that I didn’t have them in edible form (lol)- they are gross! Unseasoned, dried up magic was the thought I had while chewing these babies and forcing them down with a bunch of water. When they were down, I layed down, played 888hz frequency, and  I fell asleep.

The Journey

The infamous click that I normally experience was a loud thump this time, and woke me up. It was  like there was a remote control that someone pushed “sit up” on, because my body shot up from lay down position to sit up position in what felt like .5 seconds. 

I was in the dark but it felt like a festival of lights was happening in the room. Purple and yellow were very present in this journey- so was the stomach pain. It was a little intense and so I knew that a purge could likely show up. I got up carefully, giggling to the light switch (my spirit guides were hugging me which produced chills, which led to giggles representing gratitude), turned on the light, and carefully walked back, while greeting the guides, in search of my prepared blunt. I needed to smoke to settle my stomach.

It helped, but a purge was supposed to happen because the blunt only took the edge off. Golden Teacher took me through a past, present, future journey- you know, like in the Christmas movies- the ghost of Christmas past, the ghost of Christmas present, and the ghost of Christmas future. 

Truths about what happened between my parents while I was in the womb, when I was born, when I was…. The truth about the main reason my dad kept a….. The truth about why I was obsessed over… the truth about being looked for… the truth about why me and my mom never quite got it right, and why I carry my exes in my spirit.

This was the longest journey- lasting about 8 hours (the actual journey- not including the unwind). I didn’t sleep at all that night or the next day. I cried a lot, but was comforted a lot. I smiled a lot, and was reassured a lot. While the truths were intense, the mushrooms were overall gentle, and spirit guides didn’t leave my side.

End of Reflection Journey

So much of my life was a secret until that journey. I was left not needing to ask questions because the truths came to me. I was left with needing to process the truth and heal from it- which is still happening today. I was left with the reassurance that the darkness of the truth would only intensify my light. 

During the reflection period, I saw my present- the tribe of people that love and support me, and the upward movement of my career. I also saw my future, which is actually my real time “present”, a journey through the Cannabis mecca- which is happening this June 2021.

Written by: Veronica Castillo

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