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The High Vibrational Life – Why I’m Vegan


“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep.”  RUMI

Am I living my life out of habit? 

Do I rise each day aware of my being and my actions? 

Do I awaken to new revelations of who I am and what I want only to hit the snooze button?

Living a life of mindfulness isn’t something you can pick and choose. Unlike a faucet, one cannot simply turn mindfulness on and off.

On February 20, 2020 – synchronistic in so many ways – I began my accidental Vegan Life.

My Why and Why It Matters

Many people ask, and I am more than happy to share my reason.  Our “why” leads to our “what” and “how”. It makes it easy to choose our actions and reactions.


Humans are vibrational beings.  We give off, absorb, and attract energy.  We must be mindful of what we read, watch, listen to, and consume because, each cell in our human body is vibrating at a microscopic frequency. Exposure to and consumption of other energies can lower or raise your vibration. Higher vibrational environments offer expanded consciousness, and closer connection to spirit, love and joy. Conversely, lower vibrational environments, breed fear, pain, illness, and disease.

 I have witnessed too many people suffer chronic pain, and terminal illnesses that are all related to a poorly maintained diet. My own mother died in my arms after a 17-month battle with colon cancer. Her identical twin passed the exact same way 7 years later on my birthday in 2019.  On the morning of 2/20/2020 I learned one of my favorite high school teachers and mentor passed away from cancer.  In the week’s leading up to that, several high school friends passed away from cancer and heart-related illnesses. Deep loss and trauma will cause a human to examine their own life and how they live it. 

An Honest Look

There are ample documentaries, studies, and articles that uncover atrocities of the food production industry.  The dire state and degradation in quality of food is linked to a rise of disease including cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and lung disease. I will leave you to your Netflix binge and additional research to delve into the scientific explanations of this phenomenon. For our purposes here, I will focus on ENERGY.

Energy Never Dies

Einstein said, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.

What happens to the energy that went into creating the food on your plate? The low vibe conditions in which the animal was kept, the food it consumed, the way in which was sacrificed and later processed before reaching your plate, is all infused into your ‘food’. We are eating it and, in turn, it is eating us. 

I took an honest look at my eating habits and, admittedly, I was not mindful of what I put into my beloved body. I tried not to think about the living animal who sacrificed its life for my meal. I didn’t want to acknowledge such horrific truths. The mere thought of them made me shudder. I chose to be asleep – but just because we do not acknowledge these facts does not rid us of the absorbed energy we consume when we eat them. But it was time for me to wake up.

The High-Vibrational Diet


It starts with high-quality, high-vibrational foods.  High vibrational foods nourish, detoxify, and raise your vibrational frequency.

Full of “life force energy,” these are typically raw, organic, and REAL foods. Whole foods, nourished by Mother Earth, tended by local, conscious farmers is the ideal. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains – all of which are grown from the earth – are more than sufficient to sustain and heal the body.  There is no need for meat or dairy to reach peak health condition. 

Food should also be no-GMO and organic.  Conventional foods, laced with pesticides and grown from genetically modified organisms, are poison to the body and the soul. Many will say the organic products are too expensive. But so too are hospital bills and treatments.  Furthermore, what is the price you put on your health? Your soul? Your life? You can either pay farmer or pay the doctor.

Choosing my Vibration

Many ask about what I miss the most or if I ever feel weak enough to consider eating meat again. The answer is simply no.  I am awakened and I simply cannot go back to sleep. I am a high vibrational being. I choose people, places, and things that match my vibration. In my state of high vibrational alignment, I choose to honor my body with energy that matches mine so that I may live in ease.  Embracing my ‘why’ makes all my choices within my Vegan lifestyle easy.

Written by: Christina Burruss

Edited by: Veronica Castillo (for SEO)

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