High, Happy, Hungry… Learn About Afghani Kush!

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Approximately 100% indica strain used to help consumers cope with stress and anxiety. Due to the high potency, this is the ideal strain for pain relief and eating disorders. 

Show Me the Bud Facts:

  • Strain Type: Indica
  • Origin: Afghanistan/Pakistan Mountains
  • Flowering Time: Short, 45-55 days
  • Flavor: “Hash-like”/Earthy scent. When Afghan Kush is smoked it has a similar sweet hash just like the smell.
  • Typical Effects: Happy, hungry, sleepy and cotton-mouth.

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About the Strain: 

The hearty plants were originally imported into the United States and Holland in the 1970’s. The Afghan Kush strain is a compacted and easy to grow plant, and used to cross-breed many other strains because of the plant’s special qualities while growing. This plant is used to improve the mold and pest resistance and yield amounts. 


Afghan Kush is known for having a high CBD profile, being euphoric, increasing appetite and treating insomnia. 

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Afghan Kush can survive in any type of cultivation and grow efficiently in difficult and cold climates; as well as SCROG and other growing methods. 

Who is SCROG?

SCROG is short for “Screen of Green” and it is an indoor growing technique used to maximize yields with minimal energy use and waste. 

Written by: Thee Ladyy Haze

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