Mask Off – Chatting with the Cannabis Comedy Queen, Betty Krocker Bakes

Photo Credit: Betty Krocker Bakes 

Picture us in our most recently updated avatars, one year post Cxvid. If we survey the last 18 months, the collective has experienced some heavy stuff both spiritually and in 3D (I’d argue we were placed under intense magical castings, but more on that later…) 

We underwent extended “lockdown”, dealt with weird bottled water rations and were told to be isolated from one another. The psychological damage is immeasurable, as we are still counting our wounded and still very much in the midst of this warfare. Thankfully, most mandates are gone/on hold, for now. The face mask mandate is, by far, the best thing to go. And though the “if you dare” sentiment hangs in the atmosphere, we dare to breathe fresh toxic air again, mask free! 

The cannabis community has flourished through the entire pandemic, never truly wavering in our regular cannativities (new word?!). A handful of states have even legalized adult recreational cannabis consumption, with federal talk up on deck! We continue to promote healing with plants and adjacent modalities. They are healing treasures that need to be open for those that need them (which just might be everyone..amiright?). 

Even more treasure can be found in the content brought to us by creatives, such as Instagram sensation Betty Krocker (@bettykrockerbakes) who clearly believes that laughter, next to cannabis, is a wonderful form of medicine! 

About Comedy Award Winning, Betty Krocker Bakes

Betty Krocker is the cannabis community comedy queen…the breath of fresh air right before a good belly laugh! Well before TikTok became a mainstream sensation, she was making videos focused on hilarious cannabis content in true innovative fashion. Throughout her time as cannabis content creator, Betty has made so many people burst out in genuine laughter. It’s no surprise that she recently won the Las Vegas Cannabis Awards , Best Cannabis Comedian for her outstanding work! She is the first woman and the first Black woman in cannabis to do so and should be celebrated as such. 

Chatting with Betty Krocker Bakes

It was a pleasure to speak with Betty shortly before she won the award. My favorite part about our conversation was the genuine warm energy that emitted through the phone.Her voice is raspy and sonorous, announcing her presence as one that intends to uplift you, no matter what. I appreciate the sweet relief of recognizing Betty as a real one.

Self-proclaimed “Aunt Betty” is full of enthusiasm despite experiencing her own hardships in the cannabis industry and in life. She called me ready to talk about all the amazing things she has and is manifesting and it was like chatting with an old friend. 

“Do you have any questions for me ..girl you know I can just talk all day” she exclaims while multitasking as a mother, dropping her daughter off at a friend’s house. This woman really does it all!! 

I don’t mind listening to Betty! She is wise and reasonable and had these things to say to social media influencers, fans, moms and any woman that might need a pick-me-up.

Betty on Social Media vs Reality:

“You know what I would say to so many influencers coming up on social media trying to do this thing, Masks off! I wanna sit down with some women and have a real talk. Take the masks off, the make up, the wigs…all of it, dammit! So many times we watch these beauty queens on TikTok and Instagram and they seem perfect. They’re hair is perfect. They’re skinny and have the best clothes and it’s like …yeah ok anyone can do this if they really want to do it this way. But I want the REAL! What’s REALLY going on behind all that?”

                           Photo Credit: Betty Krocker Bakes 

Masks OFF! Let’s talk for real, sis! 

“I mean I understand wanting to look good. Of course I’ve upgraded my wigs and my props, but I’m not counting on those things to make me feel good. Putting out content nobody has seen before but theyre laughing, that’s my goal!

I remember having low self esteem trying judging myself by these people on IG. But it never worked out for me. I can only be me and that’s all I’m gonna be, through the hurt and climbing mountains to get here. I’m always going to be Betty!”

On being a Black, woman influencer in the cannabis industry:

“I’ve dealt with my share of racism and discrimination from big companies in cannabis! It’s hard because you would think cannabis would be different, but no. The same hurdles I have to jump in life, I’ve had to jump then too. Not being the right color or not being a man. I put in WORK to get where I am now! And whether or not I win the (Best Cannabis Comedian) award it’s a honor to be nominated. I really worked hard and made videos and content not just for myself but also helped other people that I saw starting out. There is enough room for all of us to do this.

I’ve made friends and watched people like Tyler Therapy grow. That’s baby sis, right there! I love her. I love seeing people I work with make it! 

If I had to give advice to people that are trying to come up in this industry I would tell them to work hard and help others! We have to stick together and change things. I love everybody and just want everyone to do the same.”

On her news and events:

“I have a podcast on Haze Radio called the Betty K Show, you should check it out! Haze Radio is a cannabis network and app that promotes and shares cannabis news, invites guests to share their information. They have talk show segments, and thats what The Betty K Show will be! 

Oh and you gotta make sure you get tickets to my event Smoke and Travel! It’s in September, the weekend of the 18th. You can come and network, chill, promote your business. We will have vendors and poolside vending as well. You don’t want to miss this!” 

Betty on last words of advice for anyone (particularly Black and or women in the cannabis industry): 

“Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to be real. But protect yourself and align yourself with the right people that will encourage you…shit I’ll encourage you! 

You got something happening…? Tag me in it! I’ll share! Don’t worry about what it looks like to others as long as you are doing your best work. Remember, it’s not all what it looks like!” 

Masks away…

For now…we are all enjoying freedom from masks and cxvid restrictions that pose a threat to our mental health. We have our champions, like Betty Krocker, who make it a point to spread love and true joy as well as information. We need more people like this in the world but especially in the cannabis industry. 

Don’t take for granted the time we have before the next life interruption! Enjoy every moment, laugh and share more.

Written by: Dom Hart

Edited by: Veronica Castillo

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