Congrats to Our Sponsors Korasana on the Upcoming Launch of Their Cosmetic Line

Congrats to Our Sponsors Korasa

Photo Credit: Korasana

Korasana is a hemp CBD company with a line of products that focus on overall cannabinoid health, endocannabinoid health, and overall homeostasis. They are also a Vee Traveling Veg Canna Writer blog sponsor. Recently, Korasana announced the launch of their cosmetic line, made for all skin types and tones. Ranging from vitamins, minerals, and other plant infusions, Korasana is changing the way we look at CBD infused skin care. Learn more about the cosmetic line below.

Korasana launched with a line of CBD products that didn’t include cosmetics, fast forward to 2021, there is an entire cosmetic product line, how did this come about?

“Since our inception, it was always our focus to market and share the benefit of our products in LATAM, either through direct sale of Korasana products and or through our white-label services.  

Through our discussions with local partners on how we can better our suite of products there was always a common denominator throughout, and that was “Why not cosmetics?”.  We took that to heart and that was the catalyst that has led us to where we are today.”

Can you provide insight into how products were selected and a brief overview into formulation standards?

“Before we decided on the products, we needed to find a manufacturer that was well versed in cosmetics, and had the experience in formulating premium quality products without harmful additives and fillers and most importantly would utilize our own oil processed from our sister company Zero Point Extraction in Oregon.  Once this was established we went to work, speaking with our direct consumer target market, conducting market research.”

It looks like there is something for all age groups and genders, diets/lifestyles such as vegan and gluten free, and complexions- was diversity a main focus in the creation of this product line?

‘Our mission all along was that if we were to set off on this venture then we needed  to create a portfolio of products that could speak to a broad audience with the key underlying factor of providing quality premium cosmetics.”

CBD infused cosmetics, why?

“Through our research we found independent studies highlighting the potential benefits of CBD and CBG when applied to the skin with a broad spectrum of (potential) benefits across skin complexions and skin conditions.  Some studies have shown CBD/CBG may help with:

Acne (most common skin condition)-CBD/CBG may help prevent sebocytes (cells that produce oil) from producing too much oil.

Dryness & Itching- The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD/CBG may help in reducing the potential triggers of eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

Aging & Wrinkles- CBD/CBG may help to reduce antioxidants minimizing the Oxidative stress which can add to the aging process.”

Can we expect to see products on store shelves?

“Our primary focus is boutique store’s, spas, and to seek other quality distributors that cater to providing quality products to their valued client base.”

This piece was originally written by Veronica Castillo for the Plain Jane blog. The piece was slightly edited for the Vee Traveling Veg Canna Writer blog.

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