Korasana Vanilla CBD Tincture Review

Photo credit: Korasana

When I hear the word tincture- tied to cannabis products, there’s an excitement I have due to the potential effects. I never actually tried a CBD tincture, because I’m so use to the ones with THC so- there was even more tincture excitement.

As I said in a previous review, I never use a product, unless I’m sober so I can get the full effect of anything new in my system.  When using a tincture, it can be consumed sublingually (under the tongue) or in food, and when you digest it- it will metabolize in the liver within 30 min to an hour and will stay in the system for 4+ hours.

When I received the Korasana Tincture from Vee, I immediately noticed the packaging which I love.  It is simplistic and not too flashy, but it still demands attention.  The ingredients are easy to understand, and there isn’t a long list of non-essential things added to the bottle.  It is a non-GMO product, and the hemp used is organic which is good news to those who want all-natural products.  

The name Korasana in Latin translates into “core health”, and I can see why.  This company also makes sure that the product is tested by a third party before the extraction process, so their customers can have the best product.  Also, this company has their Certificate of Analysis available to anyone that accesses their website. I almost forgot to mention that there’s no animal byproducts- this tincture is vegan.

The Review

I consumed the Vanilla Flavored CBD tincture during a headache at 1 am. I consumed the oil under my tongue because it was too late to put it in food, and I needed it to get in my blood stream faster.  When I took the drops under my tongue, I noticed the vanilla instantly- it has nice vanilla taste- not too harsh on the throat.

I consumed a ½ dropper full of oil for the full effect of the CBD.  I felt the effects pretty immediately. It was a smooth transition from not being able to sleep with a headache, to falling asleep comfortably with no headache and uninterrupted sleep.  I woke up feeling great with no side effects.

I definitely would recommend Korasana to anyone who has trouble sleeping and in need of relaxation without the psychotropic feeling.  I have a great feeling that this company will be around for a long time.


Written by: Terry Byas

Edited by: Veronica Castillo (for SEO)