Just Legalize It Already! Set Cannabis Free

How did we get here- fighting for legalization of cannabis– a plant? Having someone else regulate what we can eat and consume for medicine? Does the United States Government, with its perceived power over everything, not have the innate ability to use their decision making for the betterment of society as a whole instead of its demise?  

The number of years it has taken the government to decide on legalization of cannabis, an herb that’s been around long before the United States came into existence, is ridiculous. The decision should be easier than turning on the heat in the winter.  

How can one be a representative of the United States Government and not have good decision-making skills?  It seems like unless it is in “their” best interest, they can forget how outcomes do and don’t benefit everyone else. The elected officials seem to forget, if it weren’t for the people that voted for them, they wouldn’t have their positions. 

Their priorities are fucked up, like when they’re beating their chests and screeching like the apes they are, for a generation that no longer believes or accepts their Reefer Madness bullshit.

Simple and Obvious Reasons to Legalize

There has been enough research to show that cannabis has many health benefits for cancer patients, those with HIV, anxiety, stress, diabetes, and various other health issues.  Meanwhile, they created a vaccine that’s more harmful than any cannabis plant.  

It is inconceivable that we should be dependent on a government, which doesn’t know the first thing about the good health of its own people. For goodness sake- they lie and tell us that milk does a body good. The representatives of the United States Government are going against their own interest when they decide against what’s best for society. 

There have been countries that cannabis before the U.S. such as: Uruguay, and Canada. This country, the United States, is really not United. Here we are still waiting on state by state legalization. 

Cannabis is fully legal in almost 20 states, but still illegal federally. Legalizing cannabis is a lot better than having tobacco as an unhealthy alternative, but they’re not ready for that conversation. Or maybe that’s the plan- to keep us sick. 

Congress did pass The More Act, which is the legalization and the decriminalization of cannabis. This still has to go through the Senate, so don’t hold your breath- this is the United States afterall- where they allowed alcohol to no longer be prohibited- but give us shit over a plant. 

Final Thoughts

Legalizing a plant with so much healing for humans shouldn’t have to go through multiple rounds of votes, but, this is the difficulty of the system that we allow to rule our lives. Just legalize cannabis already! Legalize the plant- take it off schedule 1- set it free so the people can heal!

Written by: Terry Byas

Edited by: Veronica Castillo

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