Highlights Around October Cannafest

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“Thirty days past September, April, June, and November. All the rest have thirty-one…” and October brings a month of cannabis inspired events around Las Vegas. Having thirty days in September brought on the opportunity to primp up daily beauty regimens using Korasana’s luxury CBD skincare line, stripping off the sticky summer oils and falling into the new season with noticeably smoother skin and a natural glow. 

30 Days of Hemp Infused Skin Care with Korasana

Implementing Korasana’s CBD infused Green Tea Cleanser, Lavender and Camomile Toner, Vitamin C Brightening Cream, and Nanotized CBG Spray; eases on October’s month of CannaFest with a confidence of gold. This all-natural formula provides a gentle, clean sweep of pores, reduces inflammation, and adds a rejuvenating source of protection due to healing properties stemming from CBG (cannabigerol), the mother cannabinoid of the cannabis plant. CBG is mostly found in hemp, and known for inducing medical-grade benefits without the psychoactivity that THC (tetrahydro cannabigerol) causes. 

Looking in the mirror, taking notice of the elevated glow curated by the Korasana beauty ritual, peace of mind filters in reassurance that plant-based remedies are rising from the mud during the fight towards 420 rights and freedom. Here, in divine time, crowns held upward on cloud-nine during the last quarter of 2021, giving thanks to Mother Gaia for the powerful plant, known to improve life. 

Cannabis, Fall Season, and Cannabis Events

Las Vegas sparks light with a month of cannabis jubilation from diverse groups and welcomes MJBizCon, the Marijuana Business Conference focusing on the future of cannabis and hemp. These community gatherings are not only thrilling while providing an opportunity to network amongst professionals in our industry, these gatherings impact cannabis reform as Nevada gets fired up with the recent passing at the Senate of AB341 for Cannabis Consumption Lounges in the Silver State. 

October starts off blazing at CannaCommunity Prom with Lady Led Collabs, a joined force of women in cannabis who coordinate a week of events that include a luncheon, online mentor session, and a canna-community celebration. Founders, Rebecca Perrick and Bri Padilla, kick the fall season off with a Lady Led Luncheon at Trece Eatery, a high-end restaurant inside the world’s largest dispensary, Planet 13. 

Following the luncheon, the team serves Meet Our Mentors, an online Q&A segment with successful leaders. Ending the week on a high note “Under the Seaweed” in prestigious attire, dab bars, infused creations, awards, live music, gift bags, and fun all night long. As the week of events come to an end, Lady Led Collabs relight the city with another round of events spent in the Roaring 20’s, in preparation for MJBizCon.

Mary Jane sprouted her roots, and the Las Vegas Chamber of Cannabis roll-up on the exotic Healing Honey Leaf by J.A.D.E. (Jodeci’s Alternative Daily Enhancements). Celebrating one year anniversaries for The Chamber of Cannabis and J.A.D.E., unites top industry professionals to celebrate a year of success and award winning ground work on cannabis reform across the state.

Photo Credit: J.A.D.E

Guests were granted a sesh buzzing around J.A.D.E. Healing Honey, a plant-based, medical-grade CBG infused honey, served with hot drinks and/or coated on an Ecuadorian Fronto Leaf for a smooth toke that is easy on the throat. 

We networked with individuals that strive for a more inclusive industry, enjoying food sponsored by: Lit & Fit food truck, Cannacake Babe, The Happiest Hour, Kushy Punch, and live music by DJ Kelly J! The event brought consumption stations from high-quality, licensed brands in Nevada such as: Aether Gardens, Binske, Huni Labs, and Cannavative; along with products by Green Life Productions. The celebration included interactive stoner crafts by Puff N’Create, live glass blowing with Jerome Baker, and massages by Art of Healing. 

While the Chamber of Cannabis focuses on strengthening commerce, improving justice, and positively impacting the cannabis community, President Tina Ulman and Vice President Dani Baranowski, take on legislation for the voices in our community by partnering with the Cannabis Compliance Board, Assemblyman Steve Yeager, Legislative Advisor Scot Rutledge, Lobbyist A’Eisha Goins and members of the industry to collectively develop the framework towards social equity, inclusion and diversity in cannabis legalization.  

The impact of our community and the footwork being done by leaders brings experiences in connectivity, collaboration, and capital accessibility at conferences such as MJBizCon and MJUnpacked which took place October 20th at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. Community partner Minorities for Medical Marijuana kept the high vibes at a MJBizCon mixer with food, drinks, door prizes, fun activities, and live music. 

During MJUnpacked, the public had opportunities to visit a variety of booths and hear from panel moderator and Chamber President, Tina Ulman at The Future of Cannabis Consumption, along with a panel of leaders shaping the cannabis industry. Cashing out the month of October’s Canna-Fest cuffed alongside red and blue, October 28th brought jointed forces at the Las Vegas Convention Center for a Halloween Trunk-or-Treat passing out candy with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police in a collaborative effort to positively change the stigma, welcoming ganja into society. 


October was an amazing month in cannabis, in Las Vegas. We would love to see you next year and love to hear what’s going on in your neck of the woods. Any events that the veetravelingvegcannawriter team needs to know about?

“Buzz Buzz! My Name is Jodeci aka the Hunny with the Honey. I’m a midwest native and now reside in Las Vegas. I’m a founder of a bluntly holistic business, J.A.D.E., creator, and cannabis advocate fighting for social equity and reform to decrease the use of opioids across the nation through plant based healing! My favorite strains to roll up in my honey leaf are og kush, tropicana cookies, and Miss X.” 

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