Fern Valley Farms- CBD Flower and Lotion Review- ACDC

Photo Credit: Fern Valley Farms

My introduction to Fern Valley Farms was back in April when they invited me out to live on their farm for 2 weeks. I honored Cannabis during the first time that it was 420 all month long- April 2020. You can check out the piece about how amazing it was to live on the hemp farm-Fern Valley Farms . It was amazing!

I was introduced to their CBD flower– many strains- but the one that I loved the most was ACDC. ACDC is one of my all-time favorite CBD leaning strains. The child of Ruderails and Cannatonic, ACDC makes the stoner in me happy. A hybrid to the core: 50% sativa, 50% Indica- this strain had me lifted on the farm and keeps me lifted in life. It also makes one amazing RSO (I explored that with the help of Herb of Life Cultivation, LLC).

I was introduced to the lotion on the farm as well. And I was happy about it because it was April, and southern Oregon was transitioning from rain season so spring, My skin was feeling freezing cold temps at night and 70-degree days. I needed moisture and CBD! And well, the lotion is loaded with 1000 MG of CBD so, it was there to heal. 

Fern Valley Farms ACDC and Lotion Info

Fern Valley offers AC/DC premium trim and shake bags, less than 0.3% THC, and with great reviews! Besides me loving it, Devinare says:

I was very pleased with the bubba kush I ordered previously but this AC/DC was even better! It had a vibrant lively green Color indicating freshness and an abundance of small buds! Amazing deal!

The flower is grown on their farm in southern Oregon, and the premium shake and trim include high quality sugar leaves. I stayed on the farm and can tell you; this is not the trim you see out there. This trim is like, grinded up flower- very sticky, very dense, very happy, and loaded with terpenes

You’ll even find kief! The shake/trim option starts at $40 and comes in: 4oz, 8oz, 1lb, and 2lbs and has many uses; smoking, cooking, making tinctures, and teas. I should also say that the strain is also available in pre-rolls.

The lotion is a Floridian dream. The scent is very orange- citrusy and I just loved it! It’s a 2oz jar of terpene infused lotion good for inflammation, irritation, and dryness. It’s a shea butter base so, it won’t leave the skin oily even though there is coconut oil and almond oil in there. They all work together to leave the skin feeling amazing. 

My Review

Photo Credit: Fern Valley Farms

Can you tell I love ACDC? I should note that I feel CBD differently because there is always THC in my system so- the two work magic together. Though, ACDC is magic on its own. I spent days in the yurt- filling it with clouds of beautifully grown CBD flower from Fern Valley Farms.  Outside of the yurt, I took walks to talk to the plants, while consuming the dope terpene profile (herbal, pine. Peppery), and current day, I still consume it with smiles of bliss and make oils from it for that deep impact.

Fern Valley Farms ACDC always has me relaxed, uplifted, and happy. ACDC helps me with mood elevation, inflammation in my arms due to repetitive stress injury, and back pain

The CBD lotion – terpene infused – orange citrus ($35) was everything I needed during a transitioning season. It helped with dryness and with inflammation. The scent helped elevate my mood and my skin glowed from the nourishing oil blends. I used it daily- blending between day and night use. The terpenes found inside: beta myrcene, limonene, and trans nerolidol. 

I recommend both! Check out Fern Valley Farms CBD and visit the “save $” tab on the site for a discount code 

Written by: Veronica Castillo

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