Black-Owned Cannabis Publications You Should be Following and Reading

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Cannabis and diversity go hand-in-hand; there is such a blend of voices in one particular industry- all of which have their own style and flavor. There are new publications born everyday and so, on this day in black history month, the veetravelingvegcannawriter blog wants to highlight 4 black owned publications in cannabis . We didn’t include ourselves in the list but of course you all should subscribe to the veetravelingvegcannawriter tribe

Black Owned Cannabis Publication- Vanguard Media

Ladies, this one’s for us! Vanguard Media’s Founder and CEO, Tiffany Watkins, is a trailblazer for every woman who is or ever wants to be a part of the cannabis industry. Her online magazine gives a voice to women in the industry who feel they can’t use their own. The featured stories celebrate the top female players’ successes in cannabis and reveal how they’ve helped shape the industry as we know it. Vanguard Media’s mission of closing the gap between the sexes in the cannabis business is a testament to how far we still have to go for true equality. 

Black Owned Cannabis Publication- The Cannabisness of Beauty

Cannabis isn’t just for smoking. It’s also an excellent ingredient for beauty products! That’s why Cheryl Green’s digital magazine, The Cannabisness of Beauty, is such an important online resource. Her site and accompanying newsletter, Bud & Mary, cover various topics concerning the cannabis beauty world, including culture, business, and legal regulations. Her inspiration behind The Cannabisness of Beauty was to help others discover and learn how the beauty industry is leveraging cannabis as the new “it” ingredient for cosmetics and skincare. 

Black Owned Cannabis Publication- CannaCurious Magazine

Authenticity and relatability lay the foundation for how others look at a specific situation or topic. The only way to normalize the cannabis lifestyle is by sharing our stories and experiences with the plant. CannaCurious Magazine embraces this mindset with the goal of being able to enhance women’s lifestyles with cannabis. Co-Founder’s Tekisha Harvey, Kinisha Correia, and Diana Sanmiguel have created an online cannabis magazine for the novice and expert canna-woman. 

Black Owned Cannabis Publication- EstroHaze

Black women who enjoy a cannabis lifestyle have proven they’re a mighty force in this industry. That sentiment certainly holds true for the Founders of EstroHaze. Kali Wilder (CEO), Sirita Wright (CMO), and Safon Floyd (CCO) saw something the cannabis space was lacking: people like them. The three former Black Enterprise coworkers realized their cannabis lifestyle was the building block for something that the industry desperately needed. What started as a podcast between three friends spanned into a media outlet for multicultural women and minorities who desire to participate in a cannabis lifestyle. 

Final Thoughts

We have a lot of inspirational black entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. These black-owned digital cannabis publications are only scratching the surface of all the different businesses out there. Each one brings a much-needed element to the industry and deserve to be highlighted.

Cannabis publications like these need to exist. These leaders work hard, often behind the scenes, to ensure our community can thrive and make a change.


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