Wunderkind Pain Master; CBD-Freeze Pain Relief Roll On

Photo Credit: Peacock Labs CBD

Today, CBD topical treatments are literally everywhere.  Why? Because CBD offers very effective healing and anti-inflammatory properties. For those who suffer chronic muscle pain, and/or are consistently in the gym and healing from muscle soreness and tightness, CBD topical can be a great addition to your overall wellness and recovery regimen.

How to Decide on the Right CBD Topical

The wide array of products can make it confusing (at best) to decide what treatment to experiment with. Products come in various form factors (cream, gel, liquid), and are made with different CBD concentration and other ingredients that make them all very unique in experience. This review serves as just one personal anecdotal experience to help you along your journey. I’ve tried a few CBD topicals in search of remedies to alleviate my chronic pain caused by tight neck, traps, and lower back muscles. Again, each product to had very different effects. Recently, I gave Wunderkind Pain Master; CBD- Freeze Pain Relief Roll On a go, and was very pleased with its results. 

What solidifies my praise and recommendation of this product was trying it on my 73-year-old father, who recently woke with a sore back (to the point where he could barely stand up).  He found almost instant relief with the gel and was able to mobilize within the day. Thus, this product isn’t just for the active community, but for the elders who suffer chronic pain and injuries.

Portability and Convenience

Pain Master is a 500 mg, full spectrum CBD roll-on, with a formula pain freeze gel, created with a transdermal and liposomal formula which promotes absorption.  The product is in a 3-ounce, container- with the roll ball on top. It’s small enough to throw in your purse or gym bag, making it both portable and convenient. 

The roll-on applicator also makes it easy to self-apply, even in hard-to-reach areas like: the back of the neck, traps, and lower back. Additionally, the roll-on applicator does a great job at applying the gel liberally yet efficiently to the affected areas with no messy runoff.

BONUS: the spinning ball applicator also just feels great on sore areas when applied with slight pressure.

Unique Formula

While there are many CBD topical products available today, all are not created equal.  Pain Master’s unique formula includes 500mg of cannabidiol and 850mg of total phyto-cannabinoids. This is an important distinction considering the fact that most CBD topicals use isolate extract, which lack the effect of a complete phyto-cannabinoid profile.

In addition to the CBD, the gel recipe includes tea tree oil, organic aloe vera, and organic arnica phenoxyethanol, which all work together synergistically for a full-on holistic wellness approach.  The gel does hold a slight menthol-like aroma (definitely not as strong or offensive as the old school Vicks or Tiger’s Balm), which (for me) is actually invigorating to the senses. The treatment is also cool to the touch, which in and of itself provides instant relief.

The Recommendation

Overall, Wunderkind’s Pain Master, available through our sponsor Peacock Labs CBD, offers very effective fast-acting relief that is perfect for consumers old and young, and I highly recommend giving it a try yourself.  Also, my dad is doing better now but I’ll be gifting him a bottle upon his return to the Philippines soon.  I’m thankful for an easy remedy that he can apply on his own.

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Written by: Christina Burruss

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