White Label Expo – Las Vegas

Sponsored By Korasana

Summer 2021, LAs Vegas, NV- the White Label Expo; with more than 400 vendors, 100 speakers, and 15,000 attendees- was quite the experience. Peeking back towards the view of the Las Vegas Strip, we entered the doors of the South Entrance at the Las Vegas Convention Center to the White Label Expo, a two-day experience considered only imaginable before the eyes. 

Swarming down the aisles of exhibitor after exhibitor, various displays and fancy designs catch the eyes of the attendees starting up conversations on how to create a brand through white-labeling, a process that allows other companies to rebrand an existing product.” As vendors pass out brochures and sample products, a halt in footsteps gather around Korasana, a high-class, luxury CBD product line, specializing in skincare and various CBD products like gummies and sublingual tinctures. 

With a magnitude of pleasure, the representatives of Korasana hand over a sample batch of the entire product line; Green Tea Cleanser, Lavender & Camomile Toner, CBG nano-spray, Vanilla flavored hemp tinctures, to highlight a few. Korasana, “Earth’s Crowning Achievement” formulates vegan-friendly products in beauty and skincare that are gluten-free, have no added parabens and phthalates, and no harsh chemicals added to cosmetics for preservation. 

Korasana formulates a broad spectrum beauty and skincare line that includes CBD infused Green Tea Cleanser, Lavender & Camomile Toner, Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Aging Serum, Vitamin C Brightening Cream, Nourishing Eye Cream, Shea Body Butter, and a Skin Rejuvenation Spray. When I tried these products, I found that the Green Tea Cleanser is delicate and smooth for a gentle cleansing experience. The velvet feeling of the Lavender & Camomile Toner preps the skin for the Vitamin C Brightening Cream leaving the epidermis hydrated and ready to glow!

I’m finding that using the Korasana beauty and skincare products, may result in decreased inflammation and redness to the skin. I recommend it for all skin types. This gently formulated and luxurious product line is the cornerstone to start a new 30-day skincare regime! 

I’b be reporting back after the 30 day regime to tell you all how it is working for me. 


Written by: Jodeci, the Hunny with the Honey

Edited (for SEO) by: Veronica Castillo