Where to Eat Vegan in Florida: Dania Beach, Vegan Junkie Burgers

Photo of VJB owners by Dr. C’s POV

BIPOC family owned and operated by husband and wife duo Martha and Ricardo; Vegan Junkie Burgers is a vegan Dania Beach, FL food truck just a few minutes from the beach, serving up FLAVOR. I had the pleasure to meet and dine with them and let me just say- there is nothing junkie about these vegan burgers. 

100% plant-based, soy free, artisanal, handmade from scratch, double-stacked superfood burgers, packed with flavor! When I visited Vegan Junkie Burgers, I had the pleasure of enjoying: a cuban frita, a lemon pepper shhcken, junkie style fries, mac and cheese, and the signature date, carmel, 3 leches cake. I fell in love. I have never had lion’s mane mushrooms in a sandwich/burger, it was a  game changer!

There are a lot of vegan restaurants out there, but not all of them operate from a level of excitement to create, passion for feeding others, and intentionally sourcing their products from local farmers/businesses. This vegan food business started with personal change and transformation to a plant based lifestyle. Martha and Ricardo reflect a bit on the start of their journey:

“In late 2017, we both started our plant based journey, coworkers of Ricardo started taking notice of his meals and tasting them. They started to order and then friends started to order. This change in us, led to meal prepping and an instagram account. Martha always knew she would be a business owner, she just didn’t realize it would be in food.”

Vegan Junkie Burgers is a breath of fresh air and so, I had to make sure that I featured them in my: where to eat vegan in Florida series (working on expanding this series to other states). Kicking off the series in my home state of La Florida, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Vegan Junkie Burgers in Dania Beach, FL. 

You can find them cooking up amazing plant based, Florida/ Caribbean inspired creations, just a few minutes from the ocean in the Art of Coffee Cafe parking lot. Dania Beach is in between Hollywood and Ft. Lauderdale; about 20 min north of Miami

Q&A with the Founders and Owners of Vegan Junkie Burgers: Martha and Ricardo

Photo by Dr. C’s POV

Where you’re from/ where your family is from/ where were you all raised/ if not here- when did you all move to Florida?

“Martha was born and raised in La Ceiba, Honduras and moved to Florida in 2015.

Ricardo was born and raised in Illinois and moved to Florida in 2011.”

What did you all do for work or other businesses owned and worked prior to Vegan Junkie Burgers?

“Martha managed food and beverage in various hotels while attending college, and also pursued her own entrepreneurial adventure with baked goods. Ricardo was a sales representative and a bartender in various well known bars in South Florida.”

When did you know you wanted to feed others?

“We always wanted to feed people, Martha having a Culinary degree and Ricardo being a natural, serving delicious meals were always a comfort.”

Photo of the lemon pepper shhcken by Dr. C’s POV

What’s your favorite thing to create and feed others?

“Any comfort food that will make people rethink the way they view plant based foods. From an array of options like pizza, tacos, desserts, and of course burgers! We pretty much can make anything and everything. Recently I made a vegan ceviche for a close friend who was impressed by how it was just like the original version. They ate the whole bowl in one sittting.”

When was the Vegan Junkie Burgers concept born and what was the reason(s)?

“The Burger concept was born late 2018 but opened in 2019 as a meal prep option. The Cuban Frita, made a debut at an event, and that led to a burger battle competition. At the same time, an opportunity came around for us to showcase as a vendor in south Florida’s largest and most well known farmers market in Hollywood, the YGFM.”

Was the menu a joint creation?

“100%!  We created the menu and the recipes based on our non vegan favorite food items; our favorite burgers, sides, and desserts that we missed eating going plant based. The first burger created, the Cuban Frita, came as an inspiration because of our surroundings and clients- Miami and our fellow Cuban American people.” 

Of all the restaurants using oyster mushrooms- you all chose lion’s mane mushrooms; what’s the why on that? 

“Lion’s mane mushroom is so versatile and one of our favorite mushrooms, but also it has many health benefits, one being for your brain. It mocks our “chicken” recipe very well.”

Your mushrooms and other menu items are locally sourced, can you provide insight as to the importance of that for Vegan Junkie Burgers? 

“We love supporting the local and small business economy, when we work as a collective, we all thrive. Not only do we care about what we put in our bodies but, we also help other families like us be successful in any way we can. We see it as ‘teamwork making the dream work’.” 

Photo of Vee at VJB by Dr. C’s POV

How do you all feel about cannabis for wellness? 

“Definitely a better and natural alternative in helping people cope with pain or heal from whatever disease they are fighting against.”

Any hemp offerings on your menu: hemp seeds/milk/protein? 

“We incorporate hemp seeds in our menu, you can find it in our parmesan cheese for our Kale Caesar Salads. It is a great source of protein for anyone eating a plant based diet.”

What is the mission and core values of Vegan Junkie Burgers?

“Vegan Junkie offers a quick service style, grab & go. Creating the most unique and elevated plant based burgers with the freshest, highest quality, small-locally sourced ingredients that are soy and lab meat free. We are on a mission to set a new tradition for fast food! Our core values are to always serve high quality ingredients, locally and small business sourced, while extending service to our supporters as family members, many who have become friends.”

What are 3 things people should know about Vegan Junkie Burgers?

“ We are firm believers that plant based foods are nutritious and healing while being delicious and comforting. No matter your dietary preference, Vegan Junkie Burgers will win you over, and we ask that you please not close the door on plant based foods if you haven’t tried them.”