Product Review: GREENROADS CBD Pain Relief Roll-On

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For the last seven years I have been searching for all natural products to help reduce my inflammation and pain from Arthritis. Most recently, many arthritis sufferers have been wondering about cannabidiol (CBD) treatment, but there have not been enough rigorous, clinical responses from people with arthritis to confirm its effectiveness on a national scale. 

However, many of us are using cannabis to treat our aches and pain. For myself, I try to stay current and up to speed to what’s happening in the world of pain management. 

When it comes to cannabidiol (CBD) knowledge, I gather all my information from my  favorite traveling cannabis writer Veronica, at It is by this blessed and divine interaction that I was introduced to a CBD formula provided by Greenroads. 

Green Road’s Arthritis Pain Relief Roll-On has been tremendous positive experience. I have been using the 1500 CBD added roll on formula for about 7 weeks now. 

My Experience and Review of the 1st 7 Weeks

My very first week of trying this formula, I was actually in the middle of a pain flare that had affected both of my knees and my ankles. These pain flares include stiffness and pain, and disrupt all of my daily activities.

I started by gently applying the roll on every night on both knees. By day three I was in complete relief from morning stiffness with a pain level somewhere around 2. 

I continued the regiment and by week 4 I was waking up with no pain and no stiffness. As I write this it’s week 7, I haven’t  stopped my previous routine. However,  I now apply it to the bottoms of my feet as a added protection for my ankles. 

I Recommend! 

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Greenroads Arthritis Pain Relief Roll-On has really made my CBD experience exciting and encouraging. 

For the millions of arthritis sufferers out there, everyone’s experience may be unique but one thing we all long for is relief. 

I want to officially thank for recommending this product, engaging conversations, and Greenroads for providing the knowledge and opportunity for me to try this awesome high performing product. 

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Review and Write Up by: Samuel Johnson 

Edited for Clarity by: Veronica Castillo