Welcome to Travel, Cannabis and Veganism with Vee – In Her National Column with the Chronic Magazine

Photo of Author at Barrett Farms by 1st Lady of the West Coast

“Traveling fosters a medium to build human connections with one another by learning about culture, food, new sites, music, and the way people live their day to day lives in different parts of the world. It’s the best on-site learning a person can get. The internet can only explain so much about a place”- The NYU Dispatch

Traveling is an essential part of life for me. It has been my everything since age 8. I have sat at jobs, doctors offices, dates, and gatherings- dreaming of travel. I have always been intrigued with what places have to offer that others don’t, what they look like, smell like, what the people are like, and so on. At age 8, I knew that I’d be a writer living out of a suitcase, I just didn’t know what I’d write about. 

That changed in 2015 when Cannabis was introduced as medicine into my life. I was diagnosed with chronic migraine with vertigo and no prescriptions were helping. In 2015, my condition started to improve because I dropped prescriptions and started to consume cannabis- never looking back. Not too long after that, it hit me. I’d travel and tell the truth about cannabis. And so here I am, vee_traveling_veg_canna_writer. 

With the help of the Chronic Magazine, I will take you with me around the globe as I visit, explore, and  learn about cannabis and other plants, from people and businesses in the cannabis industry like: Herb of Life Cultivation and the Harvest Foundation LV. As I study and learn, I bring it back so that you can learn. As I experience amazing cannabis vacations and cannabis getaways, I report back to you so you all have insight for vacation planning. As I am invited to witness all the magical cannabis cultures out there, I share with you.

This is the place you want to be for insight into cannabis culture everywhere. Cannabis consumers need this insight and information, and it is my pleasure to provide it in collaboration with one of the best industry magazines- the Chronic Magazine– which is now a national publication- congrats are in order!

In this year alone, my adventures have taken me all around the United States to meet some amazing people, to tour farms and stay on/near the business to report from the ground, from the soil, testing facilities, dispensaries, and more. THERE IS SO MUCH COMING! I’ll give you a hint- east coast tours, all woman owned and managed farm stay, cannabis music festivals, and people that made cannabis industry history. Here’s a little insight as to where my cannabis travels have taken me so far (to see everything- shoot over to Instagram).

  • WA- The Happy Cannabis Collection
  • OR- Fern Valley Farms
  • CA- Ranchera Familia, Cannasafe, and Terpene Belt Farms
  • PA- The Lair 420 Social Club
  • NC- Hempress Farms LLC
  • NV- EthcxLV 

My passion and writing has led me on a guided journey of our cannabis mecca- the Emerald Triangle; led by Lelehnia Dubois, founder of Humboldt Grace (a huge thank you to 1st Lady of the West Coast for joining me and Kathleen Bryson for being our travel base). On that magical journey I met so many people and experienced so many great things. Though more detailed insight is coming (focused stories, interviews, and more coming soon)- I’ll provide a sneak peek:

  • 8 Mile Farms
  • Kiskanu Dispensary
  • Barrett Farms
  • True Humboldt
  • Booney Acres
  • Sol Spirit Farm & Retreats
  • Mendocino Generations/Arcanna Flowers
  • Herb and Market Humboldt
  • Papa & Barkley
  • Social Nature
  • Humboldt Social
  • Sunboldt Grown
  • Humboldt Soup Company
  • Sweet Leaf Joe
  • Taylor Blake w/ the Emerald Cup
  • Sunnabis
  • Moon Made Farms
  • Flowerdaze Farm

As I continue to live out of my suitcase in cars and on planes, in honor of this beautiful plant, I will continue to report back. Subscribing for alerts is a great idea so that you don’t miss anything. Connect with me on my website, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Thank you for being here and tuning in. And a huge thanks to one of the best publications in the industry- the Chronic Magazine.

*this piece was originally written by author and published in the Chronic Mag