Websites Vs. Apps; Does One Serve a Better Purpose For the Ultimate Customer Experience? A Sit Down with the Founder of Mosaic

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There is a new business owner born everyday, and with the birth of the business are many factors and considerations in the owners attempt to raise that business. One of the biggest factors: online presence; one of the biggest considerations: website and/or app. To get insights on the best for a business starting out and overall: website or app, I sat down with Jack Blaeser, Founder of Mosaic.

Mosaic helps dispensaries have a digital presence by building branded apps that allow customers to view, learn, and shop. Founder Jack Blaeser, started his entrepreneurship career during his childhood, with a group of co-founders/owners that launched a painting business. In that business, Jack started learning and applying: marketing, sales, and finance.

Q & A with Founder of Mosaic; Jack Blaeser

Credit: Mosaic

Website Vs. App for Businesses- Which one is Best?

“Websites and mobile apps play crucial roles in the digital landscape, each offering unique advantages for modern businesses. In the context of Mosaic commerce platform, where 88.7% of users shop and buy cannabis products on their phones, understanding the dynamics of websites and apps becomes even more critical.

Maintaining both an e-commerce website and a mobile app is essential. The app, being an “owned marketing channel,” resides on customers’ mobile devices, allowing direct communication through push notifications. This exclusivity facilitates tailored offers and recommendations based on user interests, location, and behavior. The statistic from Mosaic commerce platform underscores the significance of mobile usage in the cannabis industry.

In various industries, a significant percentage of users prefer mobile phones for shopping. For instance, in the fashion industry, 75% of users engage through mobile devices, emphasizing the widespread trend of mobile-centric shopping experiences. 

Recognizing this trend is pivotal for businesses aiming to optimize customer engagement.

Moreover, apps play a pivotal role in serving the most loyal and valuable customers. Users who download and engage with your app are often your best customers. The app provides a direct marketing channel that you own and control, allowing for a highly personalized experience. 

This segment of users, characterized by high intent, can be targeted with exclusive promotions and personalized content, fostering a sense of loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases.In various industries, this strategy proves effective. For example, in the electronics sector, 80% of businesses report increased customer loyalty through their mobile apps. Recognizing the value of apps in nurturing loyalty is essential for businesses seeking to maximize customer lifetime value.

However, websites also offer distinct advantages. They provide a platform accessible across various devices, ensuring a broader reach. Unlike apps that require downloads, websites are instantly accessible, catering to a diverse audience. While mobile apps offer a direct and personalized channel, websites contribute to a broader accessibility spectrum. The choice between the two should align with the specific goals and preferences of the target audience, recognizing the prevalence of mobile usage while embracing the inclusivity of websites.”

Insight into why a website or app serves a certain business in cannabis better?

“In my opinion the key question is ‘Are your customers repeat purchasers?’. If so, then an app becomes a strategic and competitive advantage.

As such, the choice between a website and a mobile app for a cannabis business depends on various factors, and each option comes with its set of advantages. Here’s a breakdown of why a website might serve a certain cannabis business better and why an app might be more suitable for another:

Broader Accessibility: Websites are instantly accessible through browsers on various devices. This is beneficial for businesses targeting a wide audience, including those who may not want to download a dedicated app.

Search Engine Visibility: Websites are essential for search engine optimization (SEO). As many users discover cannabis products through online searches, having a well-optimized website and e-commerce menu can greatly enhance visibility and attract organic traffic. That is a real issue in cannabis as most dispensaries online menus block all visibility to search engines like Google. Mosaic, on the other hand, automatically indexes at the product level so that SEO becomes a powerful marketing tool.

Cost-Effective Entry: Developing and maintaining a website is often more cost-effective than creating a mobile app. For businesses with budget constraints, a website can be a practical and efficient solution. Conversely, an app compliments the e-commerce website and brings powerful strategic benefits to the dispensary to include:

Owned Marketing Channel: Apps provide an “owned marketing channel” residing on users’ mobile devices. This allows direct communication through push notifications, enabling personalized promotions and fostering customer loyalty.

Credit: Mosaic

Enhanced Personalization: Apps can offer a highly personalized experience, tailoring content based on user interests, location, and behavior. This is valuable in the cannabis industry where preferences and requirements can vary significantly.

Targeting Loyal Customers: Apps are effective in serving the most loyal and valuable customers. Users who download and engage with the app are often high-intent customers who can be targeted with exclusive promotions, discounts, and personalized recommendations.

Seamless User Experience: Apps can provide a smoother and more intuitive user experience compared to websites. This is particularly important for businesses in the cannabis industry where user interaction and engagement are crucial.

Businesses often find success by integrating both platforms to cater to a diverse customer base. Mosaic provides the  best of all worlds in that we provide dispensaries their own branded online e-commerce menus and branded app.”

Could Mosaic work for an edibles company, or hemp company that ships nationwide, or any brick and mortar…cannabis and/or not?

“Mosaic has been developed and tuned for the unique needs of the cannabis industry to include integrations with other important technology platforms to include POS (Point of Sale) systems that manage dispensary inventory, compliance and pricing. As such, Mosaic doesn’t support shipping given that is not an option in the cannabis business. 

However, otherwise, Mosaic could work with edibles and hemp companies as well as brick and mortar outside the cannabis space.”

Credit: Mosaic

Most businesses are a “what”, born from the founders’ why. What’s the ‘why’ that led to the birth of Mosaic?

“Mosaic helps dispensaries get digital right because it is a fragmented technology market that has its hands tied behind its back in every aspect. Dispensaries must compete against a centuries old illicit market that charges half or less than they can. Operators are encumbered by extensive overhead costs to manage regulatory requirements and are the only industry that must deal with the 280E tax provision that essentially makes their effective tax rate of 70%.

In terms of our Simon Sinek WHY: “We envision cannabis as a harmonious tapestry where the diversity of life converges, celebrating the mosaic of experiences, beliefs, and values.” 

What are 3 things you want to make sure readers and businesses know about Mosaic?

“Amidst the hustle of extended hours and weary mornings, the ubiquity of Starbucks and its rewards app is undeniable. Now, picture a redefined and reinvented version of this convenience tailored specifically for the cannabis industry – that’s Mosaic. Our innovative software introduces a remarkably streamlined and potent solution for dispensaries to showcase their products to cannabis enthusiasts in a manner that is both familiar and captivating. 

Envision having your own branded app and online menu, reminiscent of Starbucks, seamlessly integrating order, pay, pickup, delivery, kiosks, rewards, loyalty, CRM, and more – all within a unified platform. Mosaic is not just a tool; it’s a transformative experience for dispensary retailers in the evolving landscape of cannabis commerce.”

Final Words

Credit: Mosaic

I asked Jack to close out the interview with a lesson learned and/or something for business owners to consider in business as a whole; he shared: 

I’ve been guided by a profound belief in the principle of reciprocity, the understanding that what one gives, one ultimately receives in abundance. This perspective extends beyond personal relationships with friends and family; it encompasses interactions with colleagues and, notably, strangers. 

I learned to appreciate the richness of diverse narratives and the value of inclusion in shaping a meaningful life. I recognize that judging others based on their individual stories was counterproductive. My teenage philosophy underscored the importance of extending kindness to those outside our immediate circles. The understanding that everyone, including strangers, carries a unique and valuable narrative.”

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