The Documented History of Cannabis

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Herbs have been around for years, even before humans came into this world from the evolution and adaptation of what we call land.  There hasn’t been more controversy around any herb, than those that can be used for the healing- especially here in the western (the U.S).  

The herb that has been scorned and praised is the plant called Cannabis- the mother that hemp and marijuana are born from.  There is a history about Cannabis, which goes as far back then anyone can remember, from being here during the B.C.E. (Before Common Era), to the present C.E. (Common Era) period.

Before Humans- There was Cannabis

Cannabis has been around on record for over 20,000 years, in the land we now call Central Asia, in modern day Mongolia and Siberia.  It was found that there are people buried in 3000 to 2000 B.C.E., that had Cannabis in their system (but we now know that we all do because of the endocannabinoid system that all humans- and many animals have).  

The region where they found these people buried was in China, Mongolia, and Siberia. Cannabis was also used in the Bronze Age and in the times of the Roman Empire in 400 B.C.E. The history of cannabis also reveals that the ancient Kemetics (Egyptians) in 1789 B.C.E, were using Cannabis according to their writings and the bodies that were taken out of the tombs they were in., says “In the 1600’s growing hemp was a necessity due to the 1619, requirement for farmers to grow hemp. It was also used as legal tender.” Fast forward to 1937, cannabis was made illegal due to so-called “Reefer Madness” and the start of the long winded Prohibition of Cannabis.

How the Ancients Consumed and Utilized Cannabis

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There were many uses for the cannabis and hemp plants, such as making ropes, clothing, healing/ medicinal oils, and food. In certain regions such as China, cannabis was utilized for healing and relaxation. In India, they used cannabis in a drink called Bhang, this was used as an anesthetic, known to get rid of the phlegm that would be in your respiratory system.  

In the Roman age, they utilized cannabis as medicine for healing and for recreational consumption. In Kemet, they used cannabis in the mummification of the bodies of the Pharaohs before they were put in the tombs. They used the cannabis seeds for illnesses such as Cholera.  According to the Berlin Papyri, “Shemshemet (the ancient name for cannabis), was used in an ointment to ease or get rid of the fever”.

How Ancient Uses Traveled Through Time to Modern Day Consumption

In the ancient times, they knew that cannabis was magic and had a multitude of medicinal benefits.  They didn’t have anyone to say, “you can’t use that illegal plant,” they used it without restriction from the laws- because back then, nature was free.  

They were more in tune with nature, while using everything it provided.  Even in the so-called biblical times, it was thought that they used cannabis in their blessing oils.  In the present times, we utilize cannabis, as the ancients did with their food, drinks, smoking, oils, and other products.  However, unlike the ancients, we don’t have the freedom to use cannabis. We have restrictions from laws, scare tactics and threats of prison time or fines.  

Before the prohibition of cannabis through the Marihuana Tax Act in 1937, which made cannabis illegal for the years to come, humans didn’t have to worry about any prohibition laws. There was no prison time for consuming nature.  Before 1937, cannabis was legal to grow, smoke and eat.  The ancient people showed us the way to utilize cannabis for what it’s really is for: healing, relaxation, homeostasis, and overall health.


We can learn a lot about the history of cannabis from the ancients and their attitudes towards an herb that they used in their everyday lives.  Cannabis according to the ancients, wasn’t supposed to be vilified as a dangerous plant, it’s used for every purpose under the sun. Spirituality is a big focus in the utilization of cannabis. No tests, no bad gr        ow practices, no laws- just free, good, healing nature. Cannabis was then, as it is now, a plant- not deserving of a spot on Schedule I.

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Edited by: Veronica Castillo

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