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2021Terry Byas

“Oh Cannabis”, An Ode to Cannabis

Natures Finest

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In the beginning

How did you begin to exist in the world you’re in?  No one planted you, and still, no one can provide an answer, a truth; only the animals before man to taste you, and had knowledge of your worth.  Oh, how did you spread your happiness, when you didn’t even know you were capable of such a thing in the beginning? Or did you? Discovery of you by man in ancient times was like discovering magic.  Oh, we wondered, what is your purpose, who sent, how are you like this, how do you calm us down when we get pissed, and heal when we are ill?  

The beginning of the Relationship

When we discovered you, we knew we had met before, and knew then- that we would meet again. When we started this symbiotic relationship, we felt each other’s soul/energy, at consumption, we were two, that gained knowledge that we are one. You naturally produce compounds in my body, essentially, in my DNA. Oh, how you give me a natural high, one that the world doesn’t understand. We will grow closer than we imagined, sharing a soulful love.

Polyamorous Relationships/Discovery of Mary Jane

Oh, you finally told us your name, all these years of fusing together thoughts and plans, that the thing you were hiding from me.  Let’s not hide from each other, like we are in a low vibrating community, we just need to bring unity among those who share in our interest.  Let us start sharing in three’s, to see if it’s enough. Then we get comfortable with that, then we can expand to six, nine, twelve, and so on.  Tell us your name, please we beg you, we already share your body, in a counter clock rotation, all you got left is your soul and mind, we humbly ask you for all of you.  Then we heard a whisper from the source, she said, “My name is Mary Jane, it’s about time you ask me my name.  We were supposed to be a one-night stand, just a once in a lifetime claim.  We were supposed to be sneaking links, under the wrap’s creeps, keeping it on the original down low, no one needs to know shit.  You know what I’m saying, you call yourself playing me, in the end we both got played, through the team up and against our own interest bullshit.  Listen to me and listen well, we should no longer do anything without  first thinking about it, lets come together with everybody, then we can finally know true freedom that we were without because of some dumb Marijuana Law.  Ok, I got to go, I’m getting tired, but remember what I said.  Oh, by the way, I released my mind and soul to you, because I knew this was a deception, but I get it, let it go and let us come together.”  

Oh Cannabis/Mary

She’s gone and we feel different, almost if she gave us all of herself. Oh Mary, we beseech you, we respect you, and we’re willing to share you with all nations; no need to mention, because in the end, we all turn back into the energy which we came from.  Until that happens, let’s all spark up our collection, with our green bodies, maybe purple too, and light up to create energetic effects. Oh, Mary, we need you, we want you, we love you, and we wouldn’t know what to do without you. You give us peace of mind, make us think sometimes too deeply getting in the recesses of our mind. Oh, Mary, let us call you by the original name of your ancestors, so this way, everybody will recognize you. Oh Cannabis, you bring us to the light from the darkness of depression, you give us the supreme outlook of discussion, not only with ourselves, but with everybody. Oh, Cannabis, you’re the only woman that will be shared willingly, pass you around with the rhythm of the sounds of the ticking clock of counter rotation. We will have you as long as we can, we won’t care if we are caught, we will continue.

We’ll see each other Again

It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday, but we’ll see each other again. Don’t cry, dry your eyes, it’s bedtime. We’ll see each in the morning, it is not that long. I promise you it will definitely be during dawn. We wake up with you, you’re our first meal of the day, because before we sit at the table, we need you. You’re our cup of coffee, you come in different strains, different ways of the same you, just revolutionized.  We don’t care, they’ll never be able to drag us from you, we just found you years ago, we’re coming too. Please don’t leave us, we need you, we’ll go anywhere you want, we just need your guidance. Light it up and puff, eat, vape, gasmask, shotgun, or any other way.  We will share, in your memory and in your resurrection daily.  Oh, CANNABIS.

Written by: Terry Byas

Edited by: Veronica Castillo

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