My Visit to Heartland Farms, Colorado Hemp Grown Just 30 Minutes Away From the Wyoming Border

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Woman owned, woman operated, woman cultivated- 80 acres of land nurtured by the grace of femininity, supported by the love of family, and kissed by the sun. In this place, grandma, mom, daughter, granddaughter- all a part of the process that plants the seed, and grows the flower, and creates the products known as the Heartland Farms CBD product line.

About Heartland Farms  

Heartland Farms is a USDA certified industrial hemp farm in Northern Colorado- about 30 minutes away from Cheyenne, WY. They cultivate boutique hemp for consumption using regenerative farming methods. Their commitment is to remain transparent, compassionate, ethical, and fair. Heartland Farms believes that hemp can revolutionize the world and they are here for the movement. Spending time with the farm and the family, I saw this passion early on.

The Heartland Farms hemp-CBD product line includes retail and wholesale varieties:

  • Green Apple Gummies
  • CBD Frizz Body Soaks
  • Roll on Salve
  • CBD Dog Chews
  • CBD Body Scrub
  • CBD Pet Tincture
  • CBD Body Butter
  • CBD Foaming Foot Soaks
  • CBD Body Salves
  • CBD Bath Bombs
  • CBD Oil Tincture
  • CBD + Lions Mane Capsules

The Culture Surrounding Heartland Farms

The drive from Denver over to Nunn- near Fort Collins, CO- showed the transitions and differences in culture. Where Denver and surrounding areas embrace cannabis, Nunn and surrounding areas to me, seemed concerned about hemp farms- HEMP FARMS!

I felt the culture, and I learned a little about it, and in that area, hemp and CBD are still looked at as the devil-ish plant- though fully legal. It was clear that education was missing. It was clear that though the government legalized hemp, they are failing to educate the masses on the power of hemp.

It was a little wild seeing aircrafts spread pesticides over the corn, and no one raging about it. Meanwhile, hemp is growing medicine and giving love to the soil, and there’s all the rage in that. But the women at Heartland Farms continue to believe in their mission, and work on ways to educate the community.

Heartland Farms and Community

One of Heartland Farms focuses on education, is the elderly community, the baby boomer generation. Their belief is that this community is the community that can find life changing relief in hemp-CBD so, they visit various senior centers, and educate on the plant and the various ways hemp-CBD can be an added benefit to existing treatment.

They also have a compassion program that works off of a nomination system. Hear from Heartland Farms regarding the program:

“We understand the financial hardships that come up in life. Living with chronic illness, living through a pandemic or living under the poverty line can create distress for the human body. In an effort to give back to our community, we have created our Compassion Program.

Our Compassion Program offers our company the opportunity to ease the hardships of life through the gift of CBD oil to the community. Our compassion customers will get 6 months of compassion products at no cost to them. This includes one (1) oil product given monthly for up to 6 months.”

To learn more and nominate- check out the compassion program page.

My Time On and Visits to Colorado Hemp Farms

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Staying On-Site at Heartland Farms

I visited for 4 days and slept in a fully loaded and functioning RV on the farm. The RV was positioned in a way- that the bed had a view of the greenhouse. On one side, I saw the sun rising, on the other, the sun setting. It was so quiet that you could hear the various sounds of the wind. Flowers that resemble sunflowers, but are actually black-eyed Susans, surround the acres.

Because this is an outdoor farm, of course there are goats, and yes, because this is an outdoor farm in Colorado, there are also rattlesnakes. I’m happy that I didn’t encounter one, but I definitely had to be on the lookout.

I spent time with the family- from grandma, to husbands, to dads, to grandkids. It’s a ritual for the family to see each other and vibe high in love. Like many families, there’s loudness in laughter, in plate making, and in “how was your day” conversation. It was a beautiful vibe to be a part of.

Even product making is a family affair. It’s all hands on deck when it’s time to create, and the family that lives in Wyoming, comes to Colorado, to contribute to the family business and mission. You got it- all the matriarchs! This business is definitely- woman owned and operated.

Visiting Silverleaf Hemp

Owned and operated by a husband and wife/life partners, under the Colorado sun, next to a veggie garden, Silverleaf Hemp was a beautiful place to spend an early afternoon. Heartland Farms and Silverleaf Hemp are two businesses that found each other and connected because they have faced some of the same industry struggles and understand each other.

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Visiting their farm was amazing. The greenhouse was filled with beautiful plants, the veggie garden was producing fruits and veggies, and I received some as gifts. Receiving gifts from them meant a lot because their story is one of hardship, but also strength. Their passion leads them and though things have been taken from them, they continue to grow. They believe in the power and beauty of hemp and therefore, remain operating in their love for people and healing.

Silverleaf Hemp, hemp-CBG infused product line, includes:

  • CBG Infused Body Butter
  • CBG Pet Tinctures
  • CBG Tinctures
  • CBG Gummies
  • CBG Infused Bath Bombs
  • CBG Infused Salves

Colorado Hemp-CBD Products- Sampled

While in Colorado, Heartland Farms gifted me:

Green Apple Gummies: I couldn’t consume these because they are not vegan, but I did gift them and I am told that they are delicious.

Mango CBD Body Butter– being from Miami, Florida, the scent of mangoes makes me so happy. The body butter was amazing in scent, texture, and moisturization of the skin.

CBD cigarette (looking) pre rolls- these were so great for my relaxation and of course, because they look like cigarettes, made easy to consume in public without those “omg I can’t believe you’re smoking cannabis” looks.

CBD Mint Oil Tincture- I have a high tolerance and so I loved that the tincture was 1500mg and worked well for my evening relaxation ritual.

CBD Pet Chews: so of course I haven’t sampled these but…could. The ingredients are actual food that create something like pumpkin flavored oatmeal, baked into cookie form. The pup that I gifted these too loves them.

Silverleaf Hemp gifted me:

Veggies from the garden: delicious!

Peppermint CBG Infused Lotion: I love the texture- the thickness of this lotion. A little goes a long way and the peppermint scent is soft, not powerful which I love.

CBG Gummies: I couldn’t consume these because they weren’t vegan but- I gifted them and I heard they were great and the 25mg of CBG is definitely felt.

Peppermint, CBG Oil Tincture: I love it! This is a little less potent, 1000 mg, which makes it great for day time consumption.

Final Thoughts

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In the last moments of my stay, I was reminded that we still have so much work to do in the education of hemp. In a conversation regarding animals eating hemp leaves and flower, it was clear that many people won’t believe in the power of hemp until the government tells them that it’s ok to do so. Our government is simply not doing that and so, the fight to destigmatize continues.

Heartland Farms does their part to educate the community on the power of hemp. Through them, the baby boomer generation has had access to valuable insight, and product sampling. It doesn’t stop there. They are also active and in regular attendance at farmers markets and local events educating the community.

Hemp is at the Heart of Heartland Farms, and it was a pleasure to spend time with the women that make this happen, and the men that support them in every way.

Written by: Veronica Castillo