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The energy of Earth is in perpetual need of recalibration and healing. It is part of our collective soul mission to use our gifts and connect with as many like-minded entities as possible and foster more community. We are to share the energy of healing and to bring that energy back out into the world that needs it so desperately. Hemp plays an integral role in community healing. It helps to create situations where this mission becomes more possible.  

There are some companies that exist in the cannabis/ hemp space, that don’t directly advocate for healing. Still, they fulfill the balance, as the plant should be enjoyed as much as it’s revered. I believe that they are on the mission, they just don’t know it yet. Then there are intentional companies like Korasana. Korasana and their delicious CBD infused vegan gummies and their international influence. And I should note that the gummies are just one of many products that Korasana has mastered. 

I recently sat down with Korasana’s CEO Mark Cruz to talk about Korasana and all its flowery wonder. As a regular consumer of the brand, I was curious to discover just how high the healing vibrations are behind the chic white labels. I was not disappointed. 

About  Korasana

Korasana is a cannabinoid marketplace brand based out of the Pacific Northwestern United States. They make and provide only the highest quality products  in which they have 100% confidence! Consumers can experience regulation and balance of internal workings courtesy of the endocannabinoid system. All of this is aptly accounted for in simple, informative language throughout the website.  

The lifestyle brand conveys healing and wellness in every aspect of its being; from inception to physical existence. Korasana loosely translates to “wellness to the core”  as promoted on the about page of their website. I am reminded of the term “asana”, which refers to “a position that is steady and comfortable” according to The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The steady is flowing in the energy of the experience, the comfortability is finding serenity and restfulness in that experience. When it comes to wellness, Korasana expresses both. 

About Korasana Products

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Korasana provides CBD and CBG oil tinctures, CBD gummies, chews, and topicals. The products are GMP certified, made in the United States with premium, non-GMO ingredients. There is something for everyone from the curious yet conscious consumer to the well-versed cannabinoid lover. There is also CBD for dogs! White label wholesale is available for retail businesses in the cannabis/hemp industry. Everything is made in Korasana’s privately owned laboratory facilities, so quality is very well controlled, product is expertly crafted, and then 3rd party tested.

Korasana immunity chews are my go-to; small, vegan gummies the size of a dime, thick as a mint, made with ingredients like zinc and infused with CBD. My entire household, including my children, enjoys these chews. We especially appreciate them when we are busier than usual and need a boost in energy and function. The company promotes their products for an active lifestyle and I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments. 

The Korasana Team 

The Korasana team consists of Mark Cruz, CEO; Mark Davis, Business Developer and Country Manager for Korasana business in Columbia; and Richard Delgado, Country Manager for Brazil. The three have an old friendship that has developed into a sound partnership, built off of their mutual love for cannabis, and the desire to see a widespread reception of the healing energy it can give. Each utilizes their personal passion and education to fuel their business savvy. 

Mark Cruz who is fluent in Portuguese, beams discussing business with Brazil! While his conservative, immigrant parents were shocked to learn about his cannabis industry dealings, their understanding and support for his vision has grown. His family is learning and bridging generational gaps in beautiful harmony, manners by which cannabis and hemp are becoming  bigger catalysts (with or without personal consumption). Mark has converted his family to cannabis advocates, at the very least. 

Korasan’s Advocacy Across the Map

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Korasana seeds of wellness have taken root and grown bountifully in South America. In Brazil, patients can get a prescription for Korasana products! Peru houses a large amount of distributors already, and is the perfect market for some magic we can look forward to in coming months. 

Creating open economic roads with neighboring countries is a big part of allyship and international healing efforts. As Mark expresses, “it’s worth the change over to provide affordable options for everyone”. Doctors and consumers gain more knowledge and access to more natural medicines that provide organic healing.

Korasana has affiliations in Ireland, which means more possible expansion! As exciting as it may be, I wondered about the legalities with moving overseas. The U.S. contends with the FDA. Ireland contends with the European Commission. Mark spoke about the Novel Food Act and its effect on CBD product manufacturing and sales in the United Kingdom.  A Novel Food would need to be reviewed, deemed safe and beneficial for human consumption, properly labeled and then distributed intently. Review is evidently where things get slowed down, as each product that might be manufactured differently requires an extensive report. Korasana remains vigilant.

For any business going through a regulatory process, patience is a valuable virtue and another indicator of balanced wellness. 

Korasana and New Heights of Wellness

Despite the necessary evils of the game, Korasana expects to lengthen its reach and expand its demographics, crossing more of those bridges we’ve been discussing. The company is poised in the right position to be steady and comfortable as the world opens up more to cannabis. Good quality hemp and an outstanding label will authenticate the level up. 

In the efforts to continue closing gaps, Korasana may find themselves in the THC market; but that’s well into the future and not guaranteed yet. Small, steady steps and slow deliberate movement always deliver progress. Gotta introduce the entourage slowly (insert wink here). 


I am rooting for Korasana as they grow up and out across the globe. A true expression of healing is affording others around the opportunity to do so, sometimes simply occupying that same space and accepting the mission. Korasansa does so with maximum effort and exemplary output. They ARE wellness to the core.

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