Investing in Cannabis and Psychedelics: 3 Cannabis Stocks and 3 Psychedelic Stocks to Keep an Eye On

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With the green rush not slowing down any time soon, many companies went public, attracting millions in investments. Cannabis has proven to be a gateway to plant medicine legalization. Over the last 1-2 years, psychedelics have been making their way to mainstream and garnering  a lot of legalization support.

It’s important to note that even with legalization, cannabis remains federally illegal and therefore those entering the cannabis space, can’t seek federal bank loans for their cannabis business. Instead, seeking a cannabis loan firm for assistance is the better approach. I digress, back to cannabis and psychedelic stocks. 

For those interested in cannabis and finance and they relate to cannabis investing, and psychedelic investing, here is some insight into 3 cannabis stocks, and 3 psychedelic stocks that sources say are worthy of tracking.

Bezinga lists these 3 cannabis stocks as “cannabis movers”:

GSRX Industries: a vertically integrated retail, production, and cultivation firm which provides unique medical and adult-use cannabis products.

Mojave Jane Brands Inc.: a Canadian-based cannabis company serving California’s recreational and wellness markets.

Elixinol Global: operates in the industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis industries. The company is involved in the manufacture and distribution of industrial hemp-based dietary supplements and skincare products.

InvestorPlace reports these 3 psychedelic stocks as being “set for massive gains in the near future”.

Champignon Brands: cultivation, distribution, and proliferation of medicinal mushrooms and its derivatives in North America. 

Mind Medicine: discovers, develops, and deploys psychedelic-inspired medicines to improve health, promote wellness, and alleviate suffering.

Hollister Biosciences: a multi-state cannabis company with a vision to be the sought-after premium brand portfolio of innovative, high-quality cannabis and hemp products. Recently, they entered into the psychedelic space- psilocybin medicine. 

Things to Consider When Investing in Cannabis and/or Psychedelics

We aren’t finance experts or stock market professionals, so, instead, we offer information from Microdose Psychedelic Insights, by way of Bezinga. Here is what they suggest investors learn from and/consider when investing in cannabis and/or psychedelics:

Pay Attention to Executive Selling: “Many cannabis investors were not aware that executive insiders are required to disclose when they were buying or selling their shares. There have been numerous points in the cannabis industry where heavy selling by an executive signaled the top and the beginning of a steady decline.

Track Promises and Projections: “While actual revenues are a long way off for many psychedelic companies, that does not mean you can’t use other measures to determine a company’s success today.

Equity Analysts & Price Targets Are Not Infallible: “Don’t think that just because a company has a great price target from an investment bank that it means it will go up.”

Be Wary of Hollow Press Releases: “Many public companies have a desire to constantly be in the news with announcements of new deals, new acquisitions, and new products. Investors should be wary of companies frequently pumping out non-material press releases.

Take Note of Paid Promotion: “Promotion did raise the values of cannabis stocks in the short-term as more people picked up on companies, but in the longer-term, it was no leading indicator of success.

In Closing

This piece doesn’t serve as cannabis finance/ investment or psychedelic finance/ investment investment advice but instead, as a starting point for readers to find information and insight into cannabis and psychedelic stocks and investments.

Written by: Veronica Castillo
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