Happy 420! Cannabis Poetry, Cannabis Music, Cannabis Movies

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This piece is for cannabis, in honor of 420, to pay tribute, with the help of many sources. Cannabis, for all you are, have been, do for me, and how you save the world- I love you forever and always. Thank you for healing me!

Cannabis Poetry

The Old Hippies Delight (Oh Cannabis, Oh Cannabis)

By: SJR 1000

Cannabis Cannabis

Are you my friend?

We’ve  been asking this question

Since who knows when

From the bedroom

To the bathroom

To the den,

Sitting out on the porch

Or out on the back deck

Out by the cactus

Out in the pasture with the brook running through it

Or in

The redwoods ecstatic in the moving fog

With the walls closing in

To the poetry within,

Contentment, lethargic exhaustion, anxiety, with the music moving,

self consciousness exquisite,

ego disintegrating

Remembering, forgetting,


Back again

Oh, cannabis cannabis

Are you my friend

We’ve had the dance

I can’t deny

From stems and seeds

To Humboldt flower dispensary

Many stops in between

You’ve played with my mind

Sometimes I wonder who I would have been

Cannabis, oh cannabis

Are you my friend? (Old friend).


Cannabis Community

By: Hallucinate Boy

What if I say, I am not like the others?

Are you afraid of seeing my bloodshot eyes?

It ain’t a delusion of your vision

It ain’t a theory of your hostile mind

Its just an authority to reveal high

As you ****** up in the midnight.

What if I declare, I like to be a pothead?

It ain’t a crime of your filthy society

It ain’t a ****** of your hypersexual beauty

Its just a power to absorb black hole

As you get dissolved in the infinity.

What if we believe, we are united peace?

Our intoxication could never be slayer as your humanity diminishes  

Our immune could never be a flame as your democracy fire burns  

Our dealing could never be an acrid as your judgments villainous

Our indignation could never be a pretender as your sensibility veiled

Our lonesome shadow could never be a congress of love as your realization mortifies

And our congregation of morality must have been psychedelic painkiller.

What if we deny, we are insignificant existence?    

So, who are you crippling our bloodshot eyes, A Social featherbrain?

Who are you to stop having “dopetherone” in the town, A godly crusader?

Who are you to proclaim the rule against your mind, A phrenetic lawyer?

What if we deny, we are insignificant existence?  

What if we believe, we are united peace?

We will keep walking with our head held high.*


Lady Cannabis (A Turn)

By: Samantha Rose Schafer 

Cannabis: the female plant:

here to implant: a new world,

ruled by Ladies &

worshipped by Gentle Men.

Could you imagine…

the world’s beginning again?;

the backwards thoughts of a hem:

the glimmer of a precious gem…

not only the gem itself,

or the structure of its features,

but a time of lovely leisure:

a shrine of kind procedure

in which the stone is looked upon:

a world has come; a world has gone…

and still, a throne to sit upon,

and yet that throne is empty,

though full of kings and centuries,

the twine spins on and on…

The world is but a fallen leaf,

that cannot fall without gravity:

a force that joins with other forces:

a climb that is filled with all rejoices,

sang by entities of all kinds;

filled with soul and filled with mind.

Cannabis Music 

1st Lady of the West Coast

50 Cent

Method Man & Redman


Various Artists- YouTube mix

Cannabis Movies


The Night Before

Half Baked

How High

Pineapple Express

Written by: Veronica Castillo

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