Where to Eat Vegan in Missouri, Saint Louis, Rooted Buds

Photo Credit: Rooted Buds

LGBTQ owned and based in Saint Louis, MO; Rooted Buds is on a mission to make taste buds go wild. The woman owned catering company offers a cannabis infused menu  that has an option for everyone including vegans. They are passionate about showing love and contributing to good health through flavorful dishes paired with cannabis. Rooted Buds showcases alternative ways to eat and medicate, bringing people to the table, to celebrate the plant and its medicinal benefits.

As a traveling vegan writer, I appreciate the thought put into offering vegan menus. I’ve had the pleasure of feasting on vegan meals created by Rooted Buds, and watching them create together. They fed me their famous vegan birria taco platter, their homemade lemonade, and a soul food platter drizzled in the Rooted Buds Bud Sauce. Each time I am left wondering; “how do I take them on the road with me?” 

I have no idea what their non-vegan dishes are like but the reviews from others tell me that the collective feels the same way I do: Rooted Buds is amazing! Both Denise and Snoop have this passion for the kitchen and leaving the human soul fulfilled through healthy cuisine that brings comfort. 

Snoop and Denise were both looking to fulfill childhood dreams of freedom. They say: “we always wanted to travel, learn about and see new places, meet and engage with people, and settle into a luxurious lifestyle that comes with freedom.” I’m so glad they found it and that I get to benefit from it!

The delicious food on the plate is not only infused with cannabis, but also the duo’s energy. It’s all smiles, love, and fun and the duo loves to chat and mingle while creating. All of that light and love enters the body, just like the food, and so I am always left with feelings of bliss, and of course the happy ending cannabis offers. And so of course I had to feature them in my: where to eat vegan series. 

In my 3rd feature, it is my pleasure to introduce you to LGBTQ and woman owned in cannabis, Rooted Buds. 

Q&A with Snoop and Denise, the Founders and Chefs: Rooted Buds

Photo Credit: Dr. POV (vegan soulfood platter)

Where you’re from/ where your family is from/ where were you all raised/ when did STL become home?

“We are both from St. Louis and so are our families.”

What did you all do for work or other businesses owned and worked prior to Rooted Buds?

“Prior to Rooted Buds, Snoop worked in the hospitality industry for over 18 years at several businesses and start-up restaurants. Denise worked in customer service/Human Resources for the past ten years.”

When did cooking start becoming a thing for you? 

“Since I (Snoop) was a kid. I was always in the kitchen with my Mom/Grandma/Grandpa. My Grandfather owned a restaurant so it’s in my DNA. I (Denise) didn’t start enjoying the kitchen until I was in middle school but I was always in it. I loved cooking and helping my Grandpa make dressing and sweet potato pies.”

When did you know you wanted to feed others?

“When I (Snoop) was in the high school Culinary Program. For me (Denise), it’s when I met Snoop. She inspired me to get more creative and start to lean more into the joy of preparing meals. Her passion inspires me!”

What’s your favorite thing to create and feed others?

“We love feeding people our sauces and desserts. We’ve created a vegan sweet and spicy sauce we call Bud Sauce, and it’s a favorite for sure but we do hope to make desserts more often!”

When was the concept born and what was the reason(s)?

“We noticed that our local industry was missing the experience of private infused meals/catering with top tier customer service. Knowing both of our backgrounds plus the love of cannabis made it an easy decision to form Rooted Buds.”

Photo by Author (vegan birria taco platter)

What was the official birthdate Rooted Buds?

“We officially formed in October of 2020.”

What is the mission and core values of Rooted Buds?

“Rooted Buds is dedicated to providing top quality food, products, and experiences with pristine execution and customer focused service in both cannabis and non-cannabis industries. Our core values are DICE: destigmatize, innovate, create, and empower. We are firm believers in plants and herbs over pills and dedicated to educating the community so they can make informed decisions about their options for medicating.”

What inspired the menu and offerings?

“It really depends on the mood and the experience we are looking to offer. Some are more casual than others so we base the menu on that particular event/catering.” 

What kinds of plant proteins do you all use?

“We use all kinds of plant proteins! Different types of beans, hemp seeds, pea protein, nuts, and vegetables.”

Are any of your products locally sourced?

“Our veggies are locally sourced as well as the micro greens/herbs. We work with Ujima and Bee Simple, urban black owned farms. They have both been amazing in providing goodies for our meals!”

How do you all feel about cannabis for wellness? 

“Cannabis for wellness is number one! Our saying is: Plants and Herbs over Pills. It has changed both of our lives and been a strong force in who we are as people/business owners.” 

Photo Credit: Rooted Buds

Have you learned anything about cannabis recently that surprised you? 

“Recently we learned that beverages are a growing market in cannabis and that excites us because we’ve created an amazing Lemonade and several drinks that’s launched to our local community and always a hit! We look forward to our products being available across the country and the world one day!”

What are 3 things people should know about Rooted Buds?

“We are a black lgbtqia+ woman owned business, we are one deal away from being worldwide and seeking believers and investors to help raise capital, and Rooted Buds is always thinking of different ways that we can create and make sure we are inclusive to all dietary needs/restrictions.”