The 2nd Annual Garden Party for Cancer by TK Sweets

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Central Florida’s Gulf Coast is home to TK Sweets; a Tampa Bay area based bakery and winner of the 2023, Florida Cannabis Awards: Best Participating Product, for their Dragon Fruit Smoothie.

Blending the art of pastry-making with a commitment to community and conscious living, TK Sweets is the organizer of many wellness events. The company believes in giving back by curating statewide charity events to raise awareness and give back to the 501c3 organizations, like they did with the 2nd annual Garden Party for Cancer. 

Get to know more about <TK Sweets> and the annual <Garden Party>.

About the 2nd Annual Garden Party in Tampa, FL

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This year’s Garden Party was held for Renal Cell Cancer, in a location that had both indoor and outdoor space filled with various businesses in plants. Each booth was set up for attendees to explore many varieties of plant medicine, the many ways to consume them, and even how to grow them no matter the size of your space. Diversity reigned supreme as the business owners were a glorious representation of the diversity found in Florida. 

DJ Babba Skat and the live performance by Dr. E had both the indoor and outdoor spaces moving and grooving under the partly cloudy skies, and air conditioned space inside. Attendees witnessed and supported an event in honor of contributing toward the healing of those with a life altering medical condition. On top of that, there was a lot of education provided from the various booths.

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The Garden Party was definitely a party, but a mindful one with purpose which made it even more special. The afternoon into the evening really showed community, the spirit of the community was felt, and gratitude was expressed. Though cannabis was a main character, the event is inspired by all plants.

While Florida has an industry reputation of lacking culture, Florida is definitely not lacking. We may see the big MSO’s on the surface but, the pulse of love for the plant is definitely seen, felt, and expressed in the culture of Florida cannabis. 

Final Words

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To close out the feature I asked TK Sweets founder and owners to give a little insight into this years event, what’s coming next, and last words:

“This event is to inspire the community to grow your own indoor/outdoor garden, no matter your living situation. This year we had more speakers sharing their stories and hope that continues. Though we are Tampa Bay area based, we want the event to head south. We chose to have it in Tampa again this year because it was such a hit last year. The 3rd Annual Garden Party will be next year in the West Palm Beach Area.

We want readers to know that we are not just a bakery, we are an organic movement. We infuse our creations with love and innovation in every product. You can visit our cozy bakery in Tarpon Spring FL or place your order at for fast shipment to your front door.

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We’d love to thank our event sponsors: O.T.G.K Lyfestyle, Breezy Bytes, Yayo FL, The Florida Cup, Cloudy J’s, Red Eye Gorillas, Urban Roots Tampa, Mightyz, and Scotty G who was on the mic keeping the crowd entertained.” 

For those wanting to get involved for the 3rd Annual Garden Party, you can connect with TK Sweets on: IGFB, and email them at: 

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