Press Release: Veronica Castillo, The Traveling Cannabis Writer, Lands Colorado-based Bud & Breakfast As New Travel Sponsor

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2022/ — Veronica Castillo, The Traveling Cannabis Writer, has landed a new travel sponsor: Colorado-based Bud and Breakfast, a 420-friendly booking platform.

Veronica started as a freelancer/client but through collaboration on a project found that both brands can accomplish more working with each other under sponsorship.

“The entire Bud and Breakfast team is extremely excited to welcome our newest member Veronica Castillo to our family. She is clearly one of the foremost writers within the field and brings a multitude of wisdom, experience, and expertise on multiple facets within the industry,” the Bud & Breakfast team said in a statement.

“Veronica has her finger on the pulse and her love of travel and cannabis makes for a match made in heaven for collaboration with our company. The timing of our introduction was in total synchronicity as we had just begun a search for a writer and connected with Veronica as if by a total higher guidance. The universe does indeed listen when you put your earnest intention out there!”

Bud and Breakfast will help support the Traveling Cannabis Writer’s mission to educate, inform, and destigmatize while informing travelers of all kinds that love cannabis about the many 420-friendly lodging options within the Bud and Breakfast network.

“Working with Bud & Breakfast was on my list of career goals. They are the company that said ‘F this!’ and truly built something that accommodates cannabis consumers. Cannabis is medicine and so consumers shouldn’t have to go out in extreme cold or heat to consume their medicine. My brand is all about villages- tribes- communities.” – Veronica Castillo

“This week, Bud and Breakfast joined my village- tribe- community to contribute to my mission to educate, inform, and destigmatize, helping me prove that cannabis — it’s way more than just a high. And through them, I get to do the other thing I love which is educating people on all things travel.”


Veronica Castillo
Bud & Breakfast