40 Tons Launches in New York January 2024 and They are Adding to Their Team!

Learn More About Their Special Events Happening January 21 + 25 in New York

Credit: 40 Tons

40 Tons, a multi-state social impact brand that provides second chances to those with past cannabis convictions, has announced it’s coming to licensed dispensaries across the state of New York in late January 2024 through a partnership with HPI Canna.

The 40 Tons executive leadership has planned a visit to New York this month for two special events.

  • The 1st event: is a collaboration with ConBud: a cannabis brand that hires formerly incarcerated individuals to legally educate and sell cannabis products to consumers at our dispensaries. The Plan: 40 Tons will hold a “Meet and Greet” at CONBODY (102 Orchard St 2nd floor, New York, NY) on Jan. 21 from 2-4 pm. This event is for locals to submit applications to be considered for positions as Account Representatives and Brand Ambassadors. 
  • The 2nd event: 40 Tons and Hawaii Mike Salman’s Chef for Higher are inviting media as well as dispensary owners, buyers, and budtenders to a combined private ‘official launch’ event in Brooklyn on Jan. 25 from 7-11 pm. 40 Tons will showcase products, show an exclusive sneak peek of a 15-minute documentary, as well as engage in a fireside chat.

Pre Launch Q & A with 40 Tons

Credit: 40 Tons (image of product in CA which may differ from products available in NY)

Why provide locals with an opportunity to work with 40 Tons? 

“Our COO Anthony Alegrete’s family has roots all over New York, so it was important for the 40 Tons brand to reflect that. The executive team also has deeply established relationships in the state, so bringing the brand to New York felt like the next logical step. 

40 Tons represents a “second chance” in the name of love and passion for cannabis. We aim to amplify workforce development for the cannabis industry by bringing jobs to New York, especially for folks who have been system-impacted. Our goal is to provide access and opportunities that can give people the ability to bring their transferable skills to the cannabis industry. 

40 Tons is looking to build relationships with New York locals because they’re the people who know the culture and community best. Hosting this hiring “meet and greet” is a smaller-scale version of what the 40 Tons careers accomplishes with its Level Up Career Conferences, which combines employment, education, and expungement for those marginalized by the war on drugs. 

The next one will be held in the summer of 2024 in New York (details to come soon).”

Credit: 40 Tons

What would a day in the life of a 40 Tons account representative look like? What about brand ambassadors? 

“40 Tons Account Representatives and Brand Ambassadors are vital because they maintain our brand presence and relationships with retailers, budtenders, and consumers in a specific state. Day-to-day can look like visiting dispensaries for stock and inventory checks, as well as working with the retailers to understand consumer engagement with the brand and how best to move product. For brand ambassadors, this can look like bringing promo and samples for budtender training, patient appreciation days (PADs) and creating on-site social media content to promote the dispensary or event.”

Why partner with HPI Canna? 

“Through Hawaii Mike Salman (Chef for Higher), 40 Tons developed a relationship with HPI Canna and felt it was a good fit to help bring the brand to New York as a cultivation and processing partner. HPI Canna not only has a solid infrastructure, but the company heavily aligns with the 40 Tons mission and believes in what we’re striving to accomplish.”

Final Words

Image Credit: 40 Tons

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