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The mission is to educate the masses about the truth- Cannabis heals and Cannabis saves! The best way to gain insight is to head down to the farms, cultivation sites, and manufacturing facilities to learn from the hands and feet on the ground. It takes a village and here is where we can come together and help each other!

Sponsoring Vee, is sponsoring a great cause in full support of plant medicines that should not at all be listed on any DEA schedules. You’ll support research, education, adventure, connections, and growth. In return- I market, advertise, and educate the masses about your business. This could mean getting your story featured and/or your sponsorship featured in one of the many industry publications that I contribute to (Leafly, Herbage Magazine, Oklahoma Chronic Magazine, Vegas Cannabis Magazine, The Fresh Toast, Medium, and more).

Vee’s audience is hungry for information and knowledge- they want insight from the ground and not from the government who has lied since the 30’s about the magical benefits of Cannabis. Vee has a global audience, includes investors looking to invest in Cannabis/hemp businesses, business owners looking to partner with other businesses to expand brands, and more.

Cannabis healed Vee from chronic migraine with vertigo and she made a promise to Cannabis that she would spend her life telling people the truth. Help spread the message! Please help free Cannabis from lies around the globe!

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