• Chickpea salad/ mashed chickpea. I love this because it’s delicious and very filling! It just takes a can of chickpea/garbanzo beans, drain and mash them, add a little Italian dressing and garlic powder, chop up some peppers and onions, and add a little relish. You can eat alone- with nut crackers, on a corn tortilla, over your lettuce/salad.
  • Cucumber salad; chop that baby up, use a little Italian dressing, add tomato, avocado, onions- basically your favorite raw veggies- heck raw fruit will work too.
  • Sautéed mixed veggies- or maybe you want to eat them raw. Italian dressing will save you. It adds so much simple flavor to foods. If you’re not really a cook- Italian dressing will save you.
  • Tofurky slices with a side of fruit or veggies. Remember meat roll-ups as kids? Could just be my upbringing (lmao). Any who- a quick protein roll up with a responsible side will sure snatch your appetite away.
  • Soup and salad- make your own soup with veggie broth and water- this way, you control sodium. Add your fav veggies- you have soup. Pair with leafy salad.
  • Avocado topped with beans or beans topped with avocado. Beans save many days- they are also CHEAP. Canned beans are fine.
  • Beans and a side of fruit or veggies
  • More veggies than pasta salad. Load this baby with veggies- and here you have a dish for a few days. And of course- topping with Italian dressing is all you need.