Divine Plant Foodz (Fried Zucchini Lettuce Wrap)

– Bring 3 pots of water to a boil, in one pot add black beans, second pot blended Quinoa, third pot Cabbage & Lentil beans!

 Put dried chickpea/garbanzo beans in a blender with half cup of water!

– Blend dried chickpeas into a batter!

– Put chickpea batter in a bowl and add 3 tablespoons of  cannabis infused oil into the batter, sea salt, onion powder, cayenne pepper, garlic, basil and (or) seasonings of your choice!

– Add cooking oil to your skillet and take a slice of zucchini and dip it in your chickpea batter and fry it!

– Fry all of your zucchini chickpeas dipped in chickpeas until it’s a golden brown color!

– Add another 3 tablespoons of cannabis oil to a skillet and saute some sweet corn and onions with honey!

-Put corn in a blender and add your infusion of choice- cannabis oil, cannabis butter, decarbed cannabis flower, etc.- and now you have some infused sweet corn dipping sauce!

– Get some romaine lettuce and peel a piece off, add fried zucchini and add infused sweet corn on top of zucchini with some quinoa!