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Divine Plant Foodz: Cannabis Infused “Breakfast On The Beach”

Photo by Author (Naji)

– Mimosa’s: Andre Champagne and Orange Juice

– Grits: Boil water with salt, add grits, and stir until cooked.

– Vegan Eggs: follow directions for preparing just egg, and cook egg mixture in a pan with salt & pepper.

– Vegan Sausage: grill Beyond Meat sausage.

– Hash Browns: Shred potatoes, fill bottom of the pan with oil of choice, lay hash on it, and season with salt & pepper.

– Toast and Avocado: put raisin bread in toaster, apply avocado on top with salt & pepper.

– Fruit Tray: cut up pineapple, oranges, strawberries, and grapefruit.

-Cannabis butter: 2 tablespoons of cannabis infused oil and butter.

– Pour cannabis butter over grits and hash browns.

– Enjoy a wonderful meal.

*For non infused options, just skip the cannabis adding steps.

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