For reasons not remembered- I saved all of my calories for this meal. Maybe it’s why it took 3 years to lose, maybe not; but- I didn’t eat this meal after 6:30p.m. This was at the time my bedtime was somewhere around 11p.m. verses 8p.m. 😊

  • Raw fruits and veggies in between a cooked carb. Make it a sandwich, a wrap, topping for a bunch of lettuce, and/ or throw over a little cooked pasta. Maybe you want to swap the cooked carb and make a side of cooked veggies to go with the raw- that’s fine too.
  • Loaded mushroom caps. I don’t like raw mushrooms so; I always cook mine. I sauté and/or bake. If you like them raw- it’s fine to eat that way. Add some other veggies like corn (well this is a starch- but works), chopped carrots, spinach, boiled potatoes- whatever your pleasure- on top of the cap. Go all out and make it a sandwich- using 2 caps as the “bread”.
  • Veggie burger patty (and not something overly processed- more like a black bean/actual veggie burger) with a side of sweet potato (made however you love it- just not deep fried), and your favorite green veggie. You can turn this into a loaded potato.
  • Sautéed/ boiled cabbage- with a fruit- like apple, pear, or maybe you prefer a veggie like peppers or squash. Cook the cabbage- eat the chosen sidekick raw- or flip it- cook the sidekick and eat the cabbage shredded and raw. You can even eat the whole cabbage head.
  • Sweet potato or white potato, black bean tacos with corn tortillas. Can sub the potato for mushroom (for those on this plan and on the road- reach out to me for more sub ideas- there is always a way 😊).
  • Cashew base tostadas. Soak the cashews for a day or so. Drain, blend until hummus like, and season with taco seasoning and other pleasures (watch the salt). Use cashew blend as the base on the tostada shell. Load with other veggies. This is great for ppl on the road with access to blend.
  • Grits (ya’ll know I’m a southern girl), topped with a protein and a green veggie. Tip: chopped celery, onions, and peppers go really good with grits. Try it with avocado!