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I’m a girl from the south with a dream to explore and not be confined to the boxes of society. I am a lover of nature, travel, Cannabis and other psychedelic medicines, and overall plant-based health. Through my experiences, research, and travel, I educate, inform, and inspire people to think outside of societies “normal”. 

I’m a resident of the road, on a mission to remove stigmas surrounding Cannabis and psychedelic medicines, educate at least one person a day on the power of plant medicine and diet, and inform my readers about what’s coming, what’s happening, and what impacts them in the plant medicines/psychedelic space: new products, vegan brands, minorities in Cannabis and veganism, psychedelic legalization, and so much more. 

As a Cannabis Writer-Journalist/ Psychedelics Writer/Journalist, I contribute to various Cannabis/Psychedelic industry publications (digital and print) and industry blogs. I help plant-based companies: vegan, Cannabis, and psychedelic industries, increase their social media and website traffic. Additionally, I create content that ranks on pages 1-3 of Google search results

Soon, I’ll be leaving the United States for a while to travel abroad. I’ll be traveling through multiple continents and countries in exploration of Cannabis, hemp, and other psychedelic medicines. 

Stay tuned for my magazine focused on: travel, minorities in Cannabis and psychedelics, black lives matter, veganism, all things Cannabis from reviews to since, legalization, and discussing the issues that other publications are scared to discuss.


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