If you skip breakfast- or any meal- stop that immediately. If you wait until your body is fighting you for food- I promise, you’ll overdo it and your choices will be bad.

  • Coffee drinkers- this is cool. On this journey though- all that sugar is a no go. Use agave instead of sugar and cinnamon (or similar spice) to give it the additional flavor that creamer provides. A tiny bit of vanilla extract could be a win here!
  • Oatmeal with fresh fruit topping (the photo above shows this with blended fruit)- or granola with fresh fruit topping- or yogurt with fresh fruit topping. It’s not ok to use both oats and granola combined.
  • Whole avocado on toast- or whole avocado by itself- or whole avocado topped with tomato chunks- or heck, maybe you like the idea of oats and avocado 😊.
  • Canned pumpkin over toast- or alone with a little cinnamon and nuts on top- or mixed in with cooked oats.
  • Potato, tofu, tomato bake with bell peppers, onions- basically any veggies you want. Literally chop it all up- add a little seasoning- bake in one dish combined and covered- and here you just created a dish that can feed you for a few days 😊.
  • Flourless pancakes- the key here is oats in place of flour and a ripe banana in place of egg and sugar- still use your baking powder, vanilla and cinnamon- but of course- NO BUTTER- use coconut oil instead. You can use this same recipe to make muffins 😊.
  • Smoothie! Using yogurt instead of milk. Sip it- make it a bowl- throw it over a little bit of cooked oats- heck throw an avocado into the blender with the fruit.
  • If you have a juicer- fresh fruit/ veggie juice works great too!